Dr. Monique Charles completed her PhD at Warwick University focusing on ‘race’, spirituality, class, gender & music as it relates to #Grime.

Monique’s fascinating research highlights her interest in music, spirituality, sociology and the African Diaspora. 

Her book chapter 'Grime Central! : Subterranean ground-in grit engulfing manicured mainstream Spaces' in edited volume 'Blackness in Britain' (Routledge), is one of the first scholarly works focusing specifically on Grime. She has also published on Grime and Politics in The Conversation, a book chapter in The Corbyn Effect and NME. Monique’s academic interests also include developing her theory for musical analysis for the social sciences and cultural studies fields.

Monique has a love for music and singing, as demonstrated through the vocal and music qualifications she holds. These include grades 7 and 8 in voice (Trinity Music), awards in Vocal skills in Urban Arts, Vocal Artistry, an award in Understanding the Music Business and sight singing training. Her vocal talent has enabled her to sing in various church and community choirs in different languages such as Latin, French, Spanish, German and many South African dialects. She has provided backing vocals at charity events, studio ‘scratch vocals’ and has also sung at Wigmore Hall, the Pigalle Club and Paddington Basin’s open-air theatre.

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