Kevan Gallagher | Music Production tutor | ICMP London

​Kevan Gallagher is a recording engineer with over ten years’ experience working in major studios. Hailing from Perth, on the east coast of Scotland, he is a self-taught guitarist who has had an interest in music recording from an early age. He has worked in-house at many of London’s top studios is now a freelance producer and engineer.

Kevan started his career working at Carlton Studios in Glasgow where he worked with honed his craft recording traditional Scottish instruments. Moving to London a little over a decade ago, he worked as an assistant at such studios as Battery, Marcus, and Jacobs. At Marc Angelo Recording Studios he recorded regular string sessions and jazz artists, amongst other genres of music. He has also worked alongside Ronan Keating, Annie Lennox, Earl Thomas, and Paddy Milner.

Kevan specialises in recording and mixing a wide range of pop and rock music, with a particular emphasis on great songwriters.

At ICMP, Kevan teaches on our BA (Hons) Creative Music Production programme.