Prior to starting your lessons, you will need to complete your enrolment with us.

This is a straightforward process, that requires you to come to campus, on the specified day for your programme, and complete present us with various documentation (see below) and finalise your registration. We'll also use this day to help you connect with your Programme Leader and meet your classmates.

For enrolment, please bring: 

1. A form of photo ID. This is normally your passport or driving license

2. Your qualification certificates if you were not able to upload them during Online Registration 

3. Evidence of how you will pay your fees if you do not have a Student Loan.  Please contact if you have questions concerning how to do this.

4. A pen and pad for your first days and weeks at ICMP!

International Students 

If you are an International student, or are currently living in the UK with a visa, you must ensure you bring your passport and visa documents. For students studying on the UK Student Visa, this will usually include your 30 or 90 day entry visa (vignette) and your BRP card.

If you are an EU student currently living in the UK with settled or pre-settled status, you will need to bring your passport and either your BRP (if issued) or you can provide your share code to us. Pre-settled and Settled students will already have provided this information.  

Students arriving in September will need to provide the following for verification: 

  • Passport 
  • Visa Vignette (inside passport) 
  • Biometric Residence Permit 
  • Digital Status (For EU applicants applying through EU App – replaces Visa Vignette/BRP) 
  • Police registration form (we understand that receiving these can take a long time, so if you don't have them please  ) 

Please see these PDF's below for examples of the required documents:


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Got a question? Just drop us a line...

Our friendly Admissions team remain on hand to give you all the support you need and answer any questions you might have. You can access them via email by phone +44 (0)20 7328 0222 or through our LiveChat below.​

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