Nigel Dewar Gibb | Music Business Tutor | ICMP London

Nigel Dewar Gibb is a commercial lawyer with intellectual property (IP) expertise, specialising in media, entertainment, and technology. He has worked for major record companies including London Records and Virgin as well as for their affiliated music publishing companies. He also worked for Picture Music International, a division of EMI Records and was involved in TV and video production. 

After leaving EMI, Nigel set up his own law firm specialising in music law in order directly to represent artists, DJs, and music companies. He has worked with several major clubs and dealt with all issues related to trademark and branding. He advises on intellectual property rights and all issues affecting such rights. He also works with an increasing number of companies in the digital technologies sector, advising on the acquisition, production, and licensing of content as well as the development of ‘fingerprint’ technologies to track royalties. Due to the increasing complexity of royalties, he set up a team to investigate royalty income flows worldwide to help artists get accurate accounting.

Nigel  has been a speaker at many industry conferences, as well as on TV and radio, and is a member of Music/Tech, Digital Music Professionals, Media and Entertainment Law Group.

Nigel is a visiting lecturer on our innovative BA (Hons) Music Business and Entrepreneurship programme.