Part of our work in developing RSPP activity included the introduction of the Professorship title process in 2019. In 2020 we are augmenting this scheme introducing a new category of Associate Professor. This initiative is a way of us further celebrating and promoting ICMP's scholarly standing, especially in relation to research activity. An expert panel, using rigorous and sector-benchmarked criteria, assess applications.

Below you will find a list of current holders of the title ICMP Professor or Associate Professor, with a brief outline of their research interests.

Dr Tony HarrisProfessor Tony Harris
Director and Dean

Research areas
Professor Harris has over 20 years of research and scholarly activity, which blends musicology and pedagogy, with the former significantly informing the latter. His specialist area of expertise is the British Experimental Movement of the 1960s and 1970s, predominantly focussed on Cornelius Cardew, his contemporaries and the Scratch Orchestra, and the perceived influence of this movement on political music-making, music in education, in society, and in communities.

His book on Cardew, first published in 2013, represents the first critical assessment of the composer’s legacy and has become a regularly cited source in the emerging literature. Most pertinently, research was from the outset an integral part of his work as an educator, curriculum designer, workshop leader and classroom practitioner, through which Professor Harris has extensively explored Cardew’s ideas and philosophy, especially in relation to the teaching of composition, interactive and inclusive performance practice, and teacher training.

Secondary fields of scholarly activity have included initial teacher education and early career teacher development, the transition from school to HE music study, primary music curricula and content for non-specialist teachers, and the training and development of orchestral musicians in education. 

Select Publications/Outputs
Harris, T. & Russell, B. (2018) The (im)possibility of a Gesamkunstwerk. Invited Guest Lecture, Conservatoire Vincenzo Bellini, Palermo, June 2018 

Harris, T. (2017) I’m Classically Trained You Know: the spectrum of attitudes to music learning. ICMP R&D Seminar Series, September 2017

Harris, T. (2016) The Legacy of Cornelius Cardew. London: Routledge

Harris, T. (2016) Valuing Music in Special Needs Settings. Lincoln: soundLINCS

Harris, T. (2016) ‘CoMA in Education’ in Open Score: Contemporary Music For All. London: CoMA.

Harris, T. (2016) Cornelius Cardew and the Scratch Orchestra. Invited Guest Lecture, Walkthrough Talk Series, Nottingham Contemporary, September 2016

Harris, T. (2013) The Experimental Music in School Project. School of Education Research Conference, Nottingham Trent University, September 2013

Harris, T. (2011) Stockholm, Stockholm! Stad i världen: Music in Stockholm Schools. School of Education Research Conference, Nottingham Trent University, July 2011.

Harris, T. (2008) ‘Back to the fore for the avant-garde’ in Sounding Board: 2008 Issue 2, pp. 9-11.

Harris, T. (2008) Tentative Experiments: The Political Music of Cornelius Cardew. Midlands Musicology Conference, University of Nottingham, May 2008.

Harris, T. (2007) Cardew in the Community. Midlands Musicology Conference, Wolverhampton University, March 2007

Harris, T. & Russell, B. (2004) The GCSE Composition Course. London: Peters Edition. [Series of Teachers Book and 4 Student Books]


Professor Louise JacksonProfessor Louise Jackson
Associate Dean (Academic Development)

Research areas
In 2013 she was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship, the highest award for teaching in the UK. She holds an EdD (Education Doctorate) from the University of Exeter. Her areas of interest in research include Critical Pedagogy and its use in arts education, inclusive practice and access and participation to higher education, and research in higher education. She is currently supervising three PhD students at external institutions.

Select Publications/Outputs
L. Jackson and H. Bothma (2021) 'Developing an engagement-focused learning support within a conservatoire context' in Kek, M. and Huijser, H., (Eds)  Student Support Services: Exploring impact on student engagement, experience and learning, Springer (Forthcoming)

J. Clark and L. Jackson (2019) 'Aesthetic Education and the Phenomenology of learner temporality in contemporary higher education' in Breeze, M., Christina Costa, C., and Taylor, Y., (Eds.) Educational Futures and Fractures: Time and Space in the Neoliberal University, Palgrave McMillan

L. Jackson and V. Stretton (2018) 'Case Study: Networking approaches to integrating mid-programme entry undergraduate Musical Theatre Students' in Matheson, R., Tangney, S., Sutcliffe, M., and Poole, N. (Eds.) Transition In, Through, and Out of University, Routledge

J. Clark and L. Jackson (2018) 'Ideology in Neoliberal Higher Education: The Case of the Entrepreneur and the Arts', Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies, 16: 1

M. Barr and L. Jackson (2018) 'Enhancing delivery and assessment: A case study in module redesign for improved transition into Higher Education' in Journal of Political Science Education Published online 9 February 2018:

L. Jackson and C. Price, (2017) 'Illuminating constellations of peer mentoring: the case of Music programmes in Higher Education' in Innovations in Education and Teaching International. Published online 22 Dec 2017:

L. Jackson and H. Lindley-Milton, (2017) 'Professional Recognition tool-kit for musicians and dancers teaching in higher education', Higher Education Academy

L. Jackson and V. Stretton, (2017) 'Musical Theatre Case Study: a throughline of research activity is built into the programme' in Fung. D, Brent Carnell, B and Tong, V. (Eds.) Disciplinary Approaches to Connecting the Higher Education Curriculum, UCL Press

J. Clark and L. Jackson, (2017) 'Aesthetic Education, Critical Pedagogy and Specialist Institutions' in Hall, R. and Winn, J. (Eds) Mass Intellectuality, Democracy, Co-operation and Leadership in Higher Education, Bloomsbury

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