ICMP’s Governance Framework has been developed and refined over many years to ensure the highest standards of academic and corporate governance are applied to safeguard and enhance the student interest. This framework is best represented as a series of committees, each with clearly defined and regularly reviewed memberships and terms of reference. 

Each committee meets regularly and detailed minutes are taken and, where relevant, published widely. Annual reviews of effectiveness are conducted internally for each committee, with periodic external reviews for the most senior committees. The entire framework and governance process is additionally audited externally by the sector regulator, the Office for Students (OfS), and its designated Quality Body, the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). These external reviews ensure that ICMP is properly regulated and enable ICMP to be recognised by the OfS on its list of registered HE providers.

Importantly, ICMP’s Corporate Board has developed a comprehensive ‘Code of Governance’ that guides the behaviours and activities of the senior governance team. This code is reviewed annually internally, and periodically externally to ensure it is both up to date with best practice and being appropriately observed. 

ICMP's Governance Structure