Darja Bardo is a performer and PR manager, with a breadth of industry experience. She works at ICMP as a programme tutor.

Darja started her career as a performer and PR manager for the International Fund of Culture in Latvia. During this time, she worked with leading Latvian culture, events and media organisations across the country.

In 2009, she moved to the UK and quickly found her niche in the Construction industry - founding a support line company in this field. Darja held her role in this company until 2017, when parenthood led to a career change.

After becoming a mum, Darja sold her share of the construction business and established DanceWithUs - a dance school in East London.

Darja also works as a consultant for a variety of influencers and brands. Recent projects include setting up an online School of Mime for Les Bubb and launching his courses.

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