Embracing equality, diversity, and inclusivity

At ICMP, we’ve long championed equal opportunities, respecting differences and creating a welcoming environment for all. We work hard every day to advocate for equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI), ensuring you’ll never be disadvantaged due to your age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or disability at our college.

This commitment to our values is upheld by ICMP’s dedicated EDI Committee. By giving EDI the attention it deserves, we support and nurture our community, empowering each individual to strive for greatness.

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Our six EDI objectives

Our EDI Committee is committed to achieving the following six key EDI objectives:

1.  Everyone working for and studying at ICMP will have an awareness and understanding of our EDI goals and help us ensure they underpin everything we do.

2. Our staff population should be reflective of the student body, the local and wider community, and the needs of the industry.

3. Our student body should be reflective of the local and wider community and the needs of the industry.

4. ICMP’s approach to the values of equality, diversity and inclusivity will be communicated to and understood by all relevant stakeholders.

5. We will monitor data to access the impact and effectiveness of the committee activities; eliminating discrimination, advancing equality of opportunity, and fostering good relations between different groups.

6. Staff and students will be supported with training and development to understand and advance our ICMP values.

Meet the committee

Our EDI Committee members will continually review, promote and report on ICMP’s plans and progress in the creation of an equal, diverse and inclusive environment across all our services. The team will also instigate, advise, develop and monitor our EDI policies.
Our EDI Committee is made up of students, staff members and a dedicated Student Officer. You can meet them here.

Paul Kirkham ICMP Chief Executive

Paul Kirkham (He/Him) • Chief Executive 
EDI is important to me because it implies and creates fairness; it removes disadvantage; and we gain so much more ourselves by widening our horizons and including in our professional and personal lives individuals who have different backgrounds, different experiences, different knowledge and different talents.  Before working at ICMP, I travelled the world for 15 years, living and working in many diverse countries such as Nicaragua, Bangladesh and Nigeria, and I came to understand that life is so much more than just our own narrow histories and opinions. The world is a very big and diverse place and we can grow so much as individuals if we embrace life in all its amazing manifestations. So I would like to bring to the EDI committee a sense of open-mindedness and curiosity about other cultures, other opinions and other ways of living and experiencing life. 

Olivia Besly ICMP Head of HR

Olivia Besly (She/Her) • Head of HR
EDI  is important to me as I believe everyone should be able to reach their full potential. I have experience in making the necessary changes in practices to support underrepresented groups and I look forward to sharing these with committee members.

Monday Osorobo EDI Student Officer

Monday Osarobo (He/Him) • EDI Student Officer 
Investing in EDI is an integral part of ensuring that ICMP is a safe space for all. The diversity of the student body is part of what distinguishes the Institute and is one of ICMP's greatest strengths. Ensuring that underrepresented groups are identified and presented with tailored opportunities means that all students will be able to take full advantage of what ICMP has to offer and hone their craft irrespective of their differences. I passionately believe that embracing our differences will ensure our interconnectedness as an institution and enable us all to better ourselves as people and as creatives. As ICMP's EDI Student Officer, I will contribute to a safer environment for students where inclusivity, equality and celebrating diversity are intrinsic daily practices of the institution. 

Lara Magnelli ICMP Marketing Executive

Lara Magnelli (She/Her) • Marketing Executive 
To me, EDI is an ongoing (and never-ending!) learning process, something that everyone should embrace, especially if coming from a privileged background. I personally grew up in a country where, during job interviews, young women are still questioned about their maternity plans, where non-white people are seen as immigrants or criminals, same-sex marriage isn't recognised, and mental health is taboo. This has pushed me to try to include EDI principles in everything I do and start to educate myself. Being part of this committee is an honour and a great opportunity for us all to learn and make real change!

James Brister ICMP Industry Liaison Manager

James Brister (He/Him) • Industry Liaison Manager
I've always been taught to pursue ways in increasing my awareness of the people around me and to strive for a more fair, kinder and inclusive society. As the Husband to a Black Woman and Father of two multiracial girls, that pursuit and awareness has become sharpened and magnified so if my being on the EDI Committee can continue the same sort of growth at ICMP, I'm proud to be part of it. 

Simon Phillips Disability Adviser

Simon Phillips (He/Him) • Disability Adviser
To me, the  EDI  agenda represents open-mindedness, interest in the differences between us all and acceptance that we all have different backgrounds and equally valid ways of perceiving/interacting with the world around us. I'd like to reinforce this attitude throughout ICMP (through the work of this committee) and bring my professional experience of working in disability support (and the wider world of EDI in general) for over 10 years.

Hannah Trott AP Manager

Hannah Trott (She/Her) • Access and Participation Manager
For me, EDI is about ensuring that everyone is empowered to fulfil their potential and access the opportunities they wish to pursue. I have experience supporting students from under-represented groups to understand and access opportunities in education and beyond. It's important that ICMP is an inclusive and open-minded community, where experiences can be shared and learned from.

Tony Harris Dean of Academic Studies

Tony Harris (He/Him) • Dean of Academic Studies 
I grew up in Birmingham where living and working in a diverse community is the norm. I've since spent my career in education settings where the core principles of social justice, tolerance, understanding and fairness are paramount. In my experience, the happiest, healthiest and most vibrant communities are ones where 'differences' are visible, valued and celebrated. ICMP is proud of the diversity of its community but needs to do more to promote this and to support those who are under-represented. The EDI Committee and its members are committed to ensuring ICMP plays its part in changing our society for the better. 

Steve Dunhill ICMP Marketing Manager

Steve Dunhill (He/Him) • Marketing Manager 
Early in my career, I worked in social care in one of the poorest boroughs in London. In stark contrast to my own upbringing, I encountered many young people who were stigmatised and marginalised for a myriad of reasons, none of their own choosing. This work opened my eyes to the essential need for organisations, and individuals, to become critically self-aware to ensure barriers are removed, prejudices are challenged, and equality of opportunity is actively pursued. Placing EDI at the heart of all we do at ICMP will see our students and wider community collectively flourish and I look forward to assisting and contributing to the work the committee undertakes. 


ICMP abhors antisemitism in all its forms and is committed to tackling antisemitism in Higher Education. In this regard, we have agreed to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism as follows:

“Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

Further information on the IHRA and this working definition of antisemitism can be found here.

Calendar of events

The Committee has selected a number of awareness days, weeks, and months we intend to celebrate with our community during the academic year 2021/22. This will encompass initiatives such as student and staff-led events, content creation and sharing (blog articles, social media), email campaigns and more.

23.09.21 • Bi Visibility Day

01.10.21 • Start of Black History Month & ADHD Awareness Month
04-10.10.21 • Dyslexia Awareness Week
10.10.21 • World Mental Health Day

01.11.21 • Start of UK Disability History Month & Men's Mental Health Month

01.12.21 • World AIDS day
03.12.21 • International Day of Disability
25.12.21 • Christmas (seasonal celebration)

16.01.22 • World Religion Day
27.01.22 • Holocaust Remembrance Day

01.02.22 • Start of LGBTQ+ History Month
01.02.22 • Lunar New Year

08.03.22 • International Women's Day
14.03.22 • Neurodiversity Awareness Week
21.03.22 • International Day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination
31.03.22 • Transgender Day of Remembrance & Visibility

01.04.22 • Start of Stress Awareness Month
26.04.22 • Lesbian Visibility Day

21.05.22 • World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

01.06.22 • Start of Pride Month
14.06.22 • Men's Health Week

01.07.22 • Start of South Asian Heritage Month

Get in touch

If you’d like to find out more about EDI, our committee members would love to hear from you. Contact edi@icmp.ac.uk to get involved.