Welcome to Club 1 Million, where every artist is an ICMP student who’s hit – or blown past – an extraordinary 1 million streams on Spotify. 

From household names who’ve played some of the world’s biggest stages to exciting new talents taking the indie scene by storm, each one of these success stories started right here. And while streaming figures aren’t the only measure of a musician’s greatness, it’s clear that these artists are ones to watch. We couldn’t be prouder of what they’ve already achieved. 

The path to greatness  

Each of these artists has found their own path to hit this goal – and from the dedicated deal-makers who’ve negotiated with top established labels, to the social-media savants who’ve carved out their own unique spaces and fanbases, we’ve had the honour of helping each one get to where they wanted to be.

Because when you study at ICMP, you don’t just get specialist advice and personal guidance from our experienced teams and tutors. You’ll also create critical industry connections and unlock vital insights into the music business, setting you up for every step of your journey – from building your brand to managing PR and even funding your creative projects. And our support doesn’t end at graduation; we’ll be here to support you throughout your career, wherever your musical journey takes you – to a million streams, and beyond. 

Fancy joining our Club 1 Million?

If you have aspirations to unleash your music on the world, and maybe even eclipse some of our Club 1 Million alumni, then ICMP is the perfect launch-pad for you.

We run various courses for artists, songwriters and musicians all expressly geared to fast-tracking you into today's music industry.

Start your journey today by choosing a course, and if you need help our friendly team are on hand to guide you.

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Luke Patterson
1,425,225,168 Streams

Matt Maltese
348,599,384 Streams

Louise Bartle
226,665,652 Streams

Ego Ella May
3,033,876 Streams

Bear's Den
73,814,402 Streams

362,342,336 Streams

Tom Bailey
23,918,530 Streams

Denai More
3,867,213 Streams

Tiana Major9
43,965,480 Streams

Ed O'Brien
2,699,940 Streams

12,122,109 Streams

Jay Lewis
2,518,131 Streams

Etta Bond
17,558,131 Streams

Richard Fairlie
3,233,236 Streams

20,118,236 Streams

9,656,166 Streams

11,986,700 Streams

23,249,197 Streams

23,068,610 Streams

Elena Tonra
7,019,995 Streams

5,187,806 Streams

Charlotte Clark
3,568,637 Streams

Jordan Shaw
24,514,245 Streams

Kate Lomas
4,297,742 Streams

Aislin Evans
3,299,258 Streams

Giulia Vallerani
3,122,547 Streams

Jaz Beeson
1,003,682 Streams

2,552,403 Streams

Salena Mastroianni
9,216,021 Streams

Husky Loops
2,287,419 Streams

3,295,428 Streams

Claudia Kane
1,608,279 Streams

Allison Mareek
1,646,341 Streams

8,133,083 Streams

VC Pines
2,335,992 Streams

Carla Monroe
98,100,972 Streams

1,429,318 Streams

23,494,741 Streams

3,351,261 Streams

Scott is OK
1,039,645 Streams

3,418,517 Streams

Space Primates
34,387,717 Streams