The Alexander Technique is an educational process which shows you how to release patterns of tension and habits which stop you from being your best either on stage or in the studio.  

Practising the technique can help you in all areas of life as a musician, including instrumental and vocal practice, performance, long stints of driving, moving gear and standing on stage. 

If you are involved in music production, spending long periods at a computer, the Alexander Technique can support you in optimising your posture with less strain, giving you more energy for the task at hand. 

Our tutor, Jane Gregory, has more than 15 years of experience working with thousands of musicians and music students at ICMP. 

What is available to ICMP students? 

A two-hour introductory session is built into the timetable of selected ICMP courses during the first semester. The specific courses this applies to changes each year and the first session is a way of introducing the technique early on to establish good practice among our students. 


Jane Gregory is also available on site weekly to students throughout their studies. Students can book a one-to-one lesson at a special price of £25. Jane can be contacted on 07951 221163. 


Daniel Akaoui, drummer and ICMP alumnus 

Alexander Technique greatly helped me address my posture on the drums and optimised the way I move around the kit. Neck and shoulder pain are a distant memory, now I can enjoy playing the drums like I used to!

Karima Alghazzi, vocals student 

As a vocalist, the Alexander Technique has been a great help. Previously, I had bad posture and a real issue with my lower back. Studying the practice has not only helped with that but improved my breathing and stamina on stage but also the way I think about my body. I would definitely recommend it even if you don't have any known ailments. 


Hugh Richardson, ICMP Bass Tutor and alumnus 

Having Alexander Technique lessons has drastically shaped the way I practice and play for the better. When I started I was experiencing huge problems in my arms and wrists and, with the help and guidance of Jane, those problems have disappeared. The knowledge I gained from those sessions has gone on to shape the playing technique I use and teach today. 

Maria Romero, ICMP Masters graduate

Alexander Technique helped me in one of the hardest moments of my career as a singer. I was diagnosed with soft vocal nodules and I was told that I would not be able to sing for an uncertain amount of time. The technique allowed me to improve my general posture, identifying unnecessary tensions that I used to develop when singing and talking. It was a crucial part to my recovery and I still use it in my daily routine. 

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