The protection of the student interest is central to ICMP’s planning and operational philosophy. To this end, and like all other English providers of higher education, we have developed a student protection plan which has been approved by the Office for Students (OfS).

The purpose of this plan is to preserve the continuation and quality of study for all of our students whenever a risk to their continued study crystallises. The plan is tailored to our specific circumstances and includes an assessment of the risks to the continuation of study of our students, the likelihood that those risks will crystallise, and the severity of the impact on students should the risks crystallise. 

In all cases, we have made a commitment to offer students advice and support in the event that any of the risks to the continuation of study crystallise, and we have separately published our refund and compensation policy for cases where it is not possible to preserve continuation of study.

Finally, this plan is revised regularly to ensure that the risk assessment remains current and the mitigating measures remain practicable, relevant and effective.

Student Protection Plan