ICMP’s mission is to “inspire, encourage and equip our students to succeed by delivering a relevant and innovative educational experience of the highest quality”. The continuous improvement of our students’ learning experiences is therefore integral to our institutional development.

The Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA) Strategy defines our institutional approach to the design and delivery of our education offer by setting out our aspirations and priorities. Its aims are distilled from the core themes of ICMP’s institutional strategic plan.

The strategy also aligns with the Office for Students’ Quality & Standards Conditions, which came into effect in May 2022, as well as AdvanceHE’s Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF).

The parallel Research, Scholarly and Professional Practice (RSPP) Strategy is carefully aligned to support the strengthening of our academic community by supporting faculty in the professional development required to deliver a high-quality student experience.

Our LTA Strategy is approved by the Academic Board and endorsed by the Executive Committee. The Learning, Teaching & Assessment Committee have responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of the Strategy over its 5-year lifespan, from 2022-26.

Aims of the Strategy

The aims of the strategy are to articulate and implement a strategic approach to learning, teaching and assessment that:

  • Positions improvements in student engagement as a key priority;
  • Cultivates a dynamic, student-centred learning culture, with values of social inclusivity and sustainability at its core;
  • Supports our students in the development of professional values, qualities and skills;
  • Ensures outstanding teaching and academic standards and the continued development of our faculty.

The LTA Strategy is specifically designed to support our students in meeting ICMP’s Graduate Attributes. These attributes define our expectations for those graduating from our programmes, regardless of their discipline and expertise, and inform our approach to programme delivery. The attributes will also underpin the design and content of any new or revalidated programme.

The Strategy is built around four key themes, each designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge to meet the Graduate Attributes. Each theme has its own set of actions and measures as set out in the full document.

LTA Graphic