ICMP’s Release Radar

The latest music from our talented music students and alumni

ICMP’s community of students, alumni, and tutors is not only talented and creative but industrious too with plenty of brilliant and inspiring new releases hitting our ears each month.

Here at ICMP, we want to celebrate and share our students and alumni's music and journey through the industry. Including our release radar we also have other platforms we share our students and alumni succeess', such as: 

All tracks submitted by the ICMP community are then compiled into a Spotify playlist that we share across social media every Friday. Our playlist features tracks from students and alumni from across the full range of our music diplomas, music degrees and masters in music courses.

New curated playlists

Fancy discovering a a range of new music from the ICMP community but only want to listen to songs that will make you feel like the main character or want to rock out in your bedroom? We have you covered. 

Check out ICMP's series of playlists, promoting new releases to suit tastes and moods - from across the ICMP community.

You can discover these new playlists curated by ICMP and created by you here

Listen below:

Why get involved?

Our playlist is a great place to see what your fellow classmates and alumni are getting up too. Interact with their music and find new artists to get on board with and vice verse for your own music.

We really want to hear about your new music and try  to promote and support our students and alumni in any way we can.  Follow the link below to find out more. 

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Release Radar is a great way of promoting your music to a wider audience and developing your online presence with our social media audience now adding up to 39k people.​


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