Tutor Oliver Sellwood

Oliver Sellwood is an award-winning composer and performer currently studying for a PhD in composition at Southampton University with Matthew Shlomowitz, Drew Crawford and Michael Finnissy.

His approach looks at the act of composing as the construction and subsequent exploration of highly-limited musical situations through the use of acoustic instruments, performers, digital and analogue electronic technologies, lights, and video to explore the relationship between instrument and instrumentalist. His music has been played across the UK, Europe and the US, working with the London Chamber Orchestra (LCO), Zwerm Electric Guitar Quartet, Olly Coates, Line Upon Line, the Barton Rhys percussion and piano duo, Mira Benjamin, Ensemble Paramirabo, Ensemble Fractales and Out-Take Ensemble, among others.

He also writes for contemporary dance, film and theatre. Highlights include performances during the Resolution! Festival at The Place, Edinburgh Festival, Shakespeare’s Globe and awards at the LA Film Expo

Oliver primarily performs as a baritone saxophonist and has played all around the world, from sets at Glastonbury Festival and Austin (US), to Sydney (AUS) and Brussels (BE). Either as a session player or as part of two long-running projects, A Sweet Niche and Knifeworld, Olly has appeared on recordings for labels including Profound Lore Records, Inside Out Records (Sony), New Heavy Sounds and Bad Elephant Music.

Graduating in 2012 with a teaching qualification in post-compulsory education, Oliver has eight years of FE and HE experience leading lectures, classes, seminars and workshops in his specialist subject areas of composition, production, analysis, and performance. Outside of teaching positions at different institutions he also privately teaches the saxophone and clarinet.   

Photo: Simon Kallas