ICMP takes great care to ensure that our terms and conditions (T&Cs) of enrolment are consistent with both the law and sector best practice. It is essential therefore that you read and understand the full T&C’s, before you make a commitment to enrolling on an ICMP course.

However, we understand that these terms are extensive and for this reason, have produced this overview to help you broadly understand what you are going to be committing to. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Admissions Advisers who will be pleased to provide support at any time. 


By taking up a place to study with us, you should be aware that you enter into a legally-binding contract with ICMP.  Full details of this commitment are contained in our full Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) document (see link at foot of page), which you will be formally asked to agree to before starting your studies.  Amongst other things the T&Cs lay out in detail your contractual rights and obligations, along with those of ICMP.  Without contradicting or superseding anything in those T&Cs, the following is intended as an “at a glance” summary; where applicable, terminology is as defined in the full T&Cs:

Your application to study at ICMP

​ ICMP normally processes applications and offers for BA, BMus and HNC courses via the UCAS system, while prospective Masters students apply directly via our website.  However  BA, BMus and HNC students may also apply directly to us or via an overseas agent.  It is a condition of studying with us that you complete the application and all subsequent required supporting documentation and information in full, truthfully, accurately and on time.  Failure to do so could lead to termination of our agreement and your place at ICMP. This could also happen retrospectively should we find, subsequent to your enrolment, that there are any problems of this nature with your application. 

In deciding whether to offer a place, we evaluate each application against set criteria, normally including an audition and /or interview, although meeting criteria does not guarantee admission where courses are over-subscribed.  You will have an opportunity to declare disability in your application and in evaluating this, ICMP will consider whether you can be supported via reasonable adjustment to our facilities, course materials and/or assessment processes.  If we offer you a place, this may be conditional on future matters (e.g. examination results) or unconditional.  In either case you will then be required to indicate whether you wish to accept our offer.  

Enrolment and the agreement between us

Once you have firmly accepted our offer and all conditions are met, you will be invited to Enrol via our online Student Gateway at which time you will be asked to formally agree to the T&Cs.  Upon our confirmation that you have satisfactorily completed this, to include an agreement that your fees will be paid in full, a binding contractual agreement will then be in place between us. This agreement is made up of the T&Cs plus the following additional documents and processes; we strongly advise that you familiarise yourself with these before enrolling and ideally before you apply or accept our offer. They can be found on our website via links in the T&Cs or will be supplied to you at the appropriate point in your application: 

  • your application whether made online or on paper and whether submitted via UCAS, an agent or directly by you to the ICMP; 
    the terms of our Offer;
  • your Enrolment submission;
  • the Admissions Policy;
  • the Course Handbook  - for the relevant course, included with our offer;
  • the Refund Policy;
  • the Data Protection Manual;
  • the Acceptable use IT Policy;
  • the CAS Policy (applies if you are an overseas student requiring a Student Route visa); and
  • the U18s policy (applies if you will be aged 17 or under at the start of your Course).

If you change your mind about the course

You have the legal right to cancel the contractual agreement between us, via the withdrawal form on our Student Gateway, during the “Cooling Off period” -  this means within 14 days starting from the day after we send you the email confirming you have completed Enrolment.  We will refund any Fees already paid to us by you or any Financial Sponsor within 14 days of you cancelling the agreement, except a deduction pro-rata for days studied where you start the course during the cooling-off period. 

Your Induction

Following completion of Enrolment, we will provide you with details about the time and place for your induction, normally your first day at ICMP, and ask you to bring various original documents including ID, qualification certificates and further documents if you are an overseas student.  We will also verify that your fees have been paid in full or that Student Finance England will be paying your Fees or other acceptable arrangements for the payment of fees are in place.  Upon completion of induction to our satisfaction we will inform you of this by email and you may then proceed to study on your chosen full-time Course.  The full T&Cs also detail how, prior to induction, you can defer your place to a subsequent year should you so wish.  

Paying Your Tuition fees

Our tuition fees are detailed in the prospectus and on our website here.  In order to take up your place, or continue your studies, we require that tuition fees for the academic year are paid in full before induction, or before the start of the academic year in subsequent years.  The only exceptions to this are for overseas students requiring a Student Route visa, where we require full payment of the first year’s tuition fees upon firm acceptance of an unconditional place; students who can demonstrate to our satisfaction that tuition fees will be paid by Student Finance England/Wales; or exceptionally, where we permit fees to be paid by instalments or by other means.  Where tuition fees are not paid on time, we may impose a number of sanctions up to and including termination of our contractual agreement and thus your studies at ICMP.    

If you want to transfer course or withdraw

If, after completing induction and starting your studies, you decide you wish to transfer course or withdraw from ICMP, the full T&Cs detail the process for this.  To be clear, in order to continue on the second and subsequent academic years of your Course (where applicable) you must have met the academic conditions for progression and a satisfactory attendance and conduct record, as set out in the Course Handbook; you must not be in debt to ICMP; and you must satisfactorily complete re-enrolment including submission of updated information/documents as required. 

If you are aN overseas student 

Additional T&Cs apply to students who will require a Student Route visa to study in the UK via sponsorship from ICMP.  These include specific additional requirements for completion of applications; acceptance of our offer; enrolment and payment of fees; attendance and absence; course deferrals, transfers and withdrawals; visa application, refusal and compliance; and content and termination of our agreement.  These are all detailed in the Appendix to the T&Cs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and the full T&Cs document. We look forward to helping you achieve your personal musical goals by enrolling on a course here at ICMP, but it is very important that you fully understand what you will be committing to. As we have stated above, one of our Admissions Advisers will be delighted to provide further advice or clarification should that be needed.

View full terms and conditions here