For over 35 years, students have been choosing ICMP as the starting point for making a successful career in the music industry – and now you can too!

If you are not sure yet what is the best music course for you, simply contact one of our Admissions Advisors who will be pleased to discuss the best options. 

If you already know the course you wish to apply for then just follow our simple step-by-step guide below to making an application. 


Step 1: Start your application

To start your application to study at ICMP simply fill in our  Apply Now form. This brief form provides us with the details for our friendly Admissions team to get in touch to discuss your interests and aspirations.

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Step 2: COMPLETE your application

Following an initial chat with our Admissions Team, which will help guide you to the most suitable course, our team will take you through the process of completing a full application form. This will take you around 20 minutes to complete and collects all of the details required to move you through to the audition stage. 

If you are applying via UCAS you can find the respective UCAS codes on each course page - use the ICMP course finder to find your course. You can also find more information about applying via UCAS here. During the summer period, UCAS Clearing opens to UK applicants..

If you need any help, at any stage, simply contact our friendly Admissions Team on 02073280222 or via email and they'll guide you through the process.

International applicants, who are sponsored by ICMP, are required to submit a personal statement alongside their full application form. We've put together some helpful guidance to  get you started here: Personal Statement Guidance.

Step 3: Your audition/interview

Once we have reviewed your application, we will contact you to book your audition/interview for your chosen course. Our auditions are very relaxed and free of charge and we will guide you through the process, supplying supporting literature to allow you to.

ICMP auditions can be held either onsite, at our Kilburn campus, or online, via Skype. We generally encourage applicants to attend in-person wherever possible, simply because it affords you the opportunity to tour our campus and get a feel for what studying at ICMP is really like. However, we appreciate that travelling to ICMP  isn't always practical and are therefore happy to accommodate auditions remotely a required.

We’ve been auditioning overseas students for many years via Skype. As such, our assessors are very experienced with this form of audition and our team will help you get the most from the experience.  We've also prepared some additional guidance to help you prepare for your remote audition.

Step 4: Making you an offer

One you have successfully completed your audition and we have reviewed your application, you can look forward to receiving a formal offer from us. 

Step 5: Accepting your offer

Once you have received your offer, we recommend accepting as soon as possible as we have limited places on all ICMP courses. Once you have accepted, you will receive a welcome pack with further information and guidance on how to prepare for becoming a student at ICMP. You will also gain access to a wide range of information and activities prior to your arrival.


For International students who require a student visa to study with us, following acceptance of your offer you will be contacted by your Admissions Advisor and guided through the UK visa application process. You can view information to assist you as an International student at ICMP here. You can also view the latest international student admission deadlines here

We look forward to welcoming you to ICMP

If you need any help, at any stage in your journey to ICMP, simply contact our friendly team on 02073280222 or via email and they'll be happy to assist.

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