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Erika Footman is a highly experienced songwriter, performer, and session player. When she is not on the road singing and playing with world-famous pop/rock groups, she runs her own record label, working with renowned writing and production teams, and project-managing every stage of her releases, from the photoshoot to the European tour.

Her solo project ERIKA emerged from a life coloured by the musical corners of UK and Japan. Crafting beautiful and innovative pop, she is able to switch the mood from haunting to joyous and from hope to despair from verse to verse. Having built an international following, Erika embraces the flexibility and true connectivity being an independent artist grants, by touring the UK and Europe 3 to 4 times per year, playing in unique and original spaces, from Choux Pastry cafes, the occasional living room, Sofar Sounds style, through to theatres.

ERIKA is a huge fan of connectivity and interaction. Every show has always had interactive moments. Whether that is attaching onto a crowd by a belt connecting up to 110 people or throwing a giant pompom out from stage which triggers sounds making the audience part of the band. 

Between 2009 and 2012, Erika toured the world as backing vocalist to chart-topping British pop sensation, Mika, appearing at numerous international festivals, and performing on TV shows such as Jools Holland, Letterman, and The X-Factor. She went on to tour extensively with indie rock group Skunk Anansie,  providing backing vocals, keyboards & percussion, and also singing guest vocals on their 2012 album Black Traffic, and their 2013 Blu-ray release, An Acoustic Skunk Anansie Live in London. In the same year, she appeared as a guest vocalist on the Bastille album Mix Tape. She has also performed with Japanese artist, Hotei.

In the meantime, Erika has written, recorded, produced, and released three solo albums on her own label, toured extensively as a solo artist, and written with production teams such as So Solid Crew, Full Phatt (Taylor Swift, Mutya Buena), plus Rux and Rob from Swedish duo, Rob & Nino. She has also performed extensively with the politically charged rap-rock band, Senser.

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