Erika Footman | Vocal Tutor | ICMP London

Erika Footman is a highly experienced songwriter and performer. When she is not on the road singing and playing with world famous pop/rock groups, she runs her own record label, working with renowned writing and production teams, and project-managing every stage of her releases, from the photo shoot to the European tour.

Between 2009 and 2012, Erika toured the world as backing vocalist to chart-topping British pop sensation, Mika, appearing at numerous international festivals, and performing on TV shows such as Jools Holland, Letterman, and the X-Factor. She went on to tour extensively with indie rock group Skunk Anansie, singing guest vocals on their 2012 album Black Traffic, and their 2013 Blu-ray release, An Acoustic Skunk Anansie Live in London. In the same year, she appeared as a guest vocalist on the Bastille album Mix Tape.

In the meantime, Erika has written, recorded, produced, and released three solo albums on her own label, toured extensively as a solo artist, and written with production teams such as So Solid Crew, Full Phatt (Taylor Swift, Mutya Buena), plus Rux and Rob from Swedish duo, Rob & Nino. She is currently performing with the politically-charged rap rock band, Senser.