Mauro Lacandia also known as Tarantola is a Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Guitarist from Puglia, South Italy. He is a tutor on our BA Songwriting / BA Creative Musicianship programmes. 

From very young age Mauro has been performing all across Italy and Europe singing and playing in more than a thousand concerts with various bands, across many music genres and various venues such as Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Koko, Bestival and Trafalgar Square.

After studying guitar in Bologna (BMus), he moved to London to study for a BA Degree and MA Degree in songwriting at ICMP, where he formed Tarantola, a Modern Reggae band with World Music influences, where he is the lead singer, songwriter and producer. The band has been headlining shows in UK and Italy while collaborating with many up and coming artists of the Modern Reggae/Dancehall and Dub scene around the world and spreading a message of unity with a wide interest towards multiculturalism.

Mauro is very active in the recording studio as producer and songwriter but also as a session musician and singer (working with brands such as Peroni and New Balance). He owns a small studio in North London where he produces young talents within Pop, Reggae, Soul and Hip Hop genres.

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