Katie Birtill | Vocal Tutor | ICMP London

Katie Birtill has been a singer professionally for ten years in many capacities: solo concert singing, fronting bands, session singing, backing vocals and in musicals.

She graduated The Royal Academy of Music's Musical Theatre course with a Licenciate in teaching for which she received a distinction. Since then she has enjoyed teaching alongside her performing career. ​

Katie is passionate about helping unlock people’s voices so they can grow in confidence and reach their full potential. She uses a variety of teaching styles depending on what works best for the individual, combining more technical models like the Estill Voice Training and Bel Canto with imagery and holistic approaches to the voice.

Katie's EP FRAGMENTS is the first project of her own solo work. In the past she has collaborated with other musicians and bands such as Oi Va Voi and Latimo, writing and performing original songs but this solo venture has been a long time coming.

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