A comprehensive range of industry-standard recording and production facilities

This not only will provide you with plenty of opportunity to learn the skills and techniques essential to modern music production, but also to produce your own projects and collaborate with students from other faculties. Our industry facilities are available to all ICMP students, with a particular emphasis on those who have chosen to study music production courses.

Specifically, ICMP London offers you the following:

Audient Studio

Completed in the summer of 2016 and built to exacting standards by Slowglass Creative, ICMP’s flagship studio is one of the first to utilise Audient’s latest ASP8024 Heritage large format console. Our desk has been configured with 2 producer panels to mount Avid’s S3 digital control surface and our bespoke side-car incudes classic outboard like UAD’s 6176 Vintage Channel Strip and Lexicon’s PCM-92 FX processor. Audio monitoring is taken care of by Focal’s stunning Trio6 Be and Avantone’s Active Mix Cubes. A comprehensive selection of high quality microphones from manufactures like Neumann and AKG are available for your recording projects. Industry standard production software includes Pro Tools HD, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Autotune Studio, not to mention nearly every UAD’s powered plug-in. The control room adjoins 2 dedicated recording booths and a live room which contains a drum kit, PA, boutique backline and a Yamaha U1 acoustic piano.

Soundcraft Studio 

Based around a 24 Channel in-line Soundcraft Ghost analogue mixing console and the latest powerful music production software, ICMP’s Soundcraft studio includes vintage outboard equipment from Rupert Neve Designs, TLA, Drawmer, Lexicon and TC Electronics. Adam AX7 active nearfield monitors are complemented by legendary Yamaha NS10s and as a student you will have access to a comprehensive arsenal of microphones from manufactures like Rupert Neve Designs, AKG and SE Electronics. You can choose to record in an adjoining recording booth or a larger performance room which contains a PA, drum kit and backline.