Whether you’re working on a mind-blowing movie soundtrack, discovering vital professional production techniques or recording your breakthrough single, you’ll find all the kit you could possibly need across our six fully-fitted, top-of-the-line recording studios.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are available to all ICMP undergraduate and postgraduate students, not just those who have chosen to study our music production degrees. Meaning if you're a songwriting student or even a digital marketing student with tracks to record, you can take advantage of these incredible facilities!

Discover our state-of-the-art recording studios

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Kilburn Studio 1

Our flagship Kilburn studio houses Audient’s renowned ASP8024 Heritage large format console. Its desk has been configured with two professional producer panels to mount Avid’s S3 slick digital control surface, and its bespoke side-car includes classic outboard like the Neve 511 preamps and 543 compressors, Universal Audio 6176, TC Electronics M-One and Sony Multi-FX, and a compressor from BSS. 

Two Avid HD IO cards give you 32 ins-and-outs to your DAW of choice, while Audient Evo 8’s interface allows you to run the speakers seamlessly through your laptop. Audio monitoring is taken care of by Focal’s stunning Trio6 Be (with Focus Mode, essentially giving you two speakers in one) and a pair of classic Yamaha NS-10Ms. Further industry-standard production software includes Pro Tools HD, Logic Pro X and Ableton Live, not to mention over sixty UAD-powered plug-ins, Antares Auto-Tune and Celemony's Melodyne. And to top it all off, the adjoining control room features two dedicated recording booths (G01) and a live room (G03) containing a drum kit, PA and a Yamaha U1 acoustic piano.


Kilburn Studio 2

Packed with all the latest powerful music production software, Studio 2 is based around Audient's smaller, yet very capable, 4816 analog console. Featuring a channel strip, compressors and gates from Drawmer, as well as FX units from Alesis and Lexicon, Studio 2 also boasts an MOTU 16A interface with USB connectivity, so you can easily connect your laptop to the whole system. Meanwhile, Avid's Eucon-enabled control surface puts your DAW at your fingertips, while OS Acoustics DB7’s active nearfield monitors are complemented by a pair of Yamaha HS7 for crystal-clear monitoring. Studio 2 is also connected to its very own live room (G05), where you’ll find a full drum kit and Yamaha U1 Piano.

Kilburn Studio 110

ICMP's 110 studio was built as an entry-level studio to help students get to grips with using signal flow and patchbays in a professional production-room environment. Its MOTU 1248 interface allows you to effectively practise routing – from preamps to DAW, all the way to desk and finally monitoring. With full USB connectivity available through the interface, it’s easy to connect your laptop to the whole system, while an industry-standard TL Audio channel strip helps you explore the intricacies of analog patching. Want to achieve the cleanest, crispest recordings? An impressive Audient ASP800 preamp unit gives your signals the boost they need, and everything gets mixed on the SSL Six desk featuring the legendary G-series Bus Compressor to give you the best possible results. Talkback facilities are also available, allowing you to use room 105 as a live room mic-tie line.

Did you know?

All ICMP students can use our facilities for course-related practice free-of-charge outside of timetabled hours, and we're open 7 days a week! Students can also access facilities outside of term-time, for example during the summer break. *

* Please note, occasional closures days are required during key holiday periods (eg. Christmas, Easter, Bank holidays), for planned maintenance and occasionally for events such as Open Days.

SSL Studio ICMP Music School

Queen’s Park SSL Studio

Among plenty of other cutting-edge kit, our brand new flagship studio houses the absolutely beautiful, high end SSL Origin desk. With 24 channels into your DAW, you’ll find plenty to play with –  and when you get your hands on the analog gear from the likes of Lexicon, Warm Audio and API, you'll be making beats faster than the Adam S3X speakers can keep up with. Avid's Artist Mix is also waiting to give you full hands-on control of your DAW, while a plethora of amazing plugins are available on the immensely powerful iMac Pro.

Our SSL studio has a spectacular live room attached, large enough to accommodate full band recordings and is kitted out with all of the gear you’d expect in a room of this quality.

Post-production studio London

Queen’s Park Mix Master Studio

Our jaw-dropping Mix Master Studio is a recording artist’s dream. Featuring the very latest models of both MAC and PC computers, as well as full access to the Audient ASP8024 HE desk with 12 channels – perfect for summing mixing – you’ll also discover Analog gear from the likes of SSL, Neve, Empirical Labs, Aphex, Lexicon and much more. Meanwhile, a pair of impressive PMC IB1-S speakers, Yamaha NS-10Ms and a mono Avantone Mix cube allow you to test your mixes on different monitoring systems. It’s tie-lined to a live room too, although intended primarily as a production suite – so if you’d like to use this incredible studio as a tracking space, let the Facilities Team know when you go to book.


Queen’s Park S6 Studio

Looking to produce professional-quality sound for games and TV? Look no further than our brand new S6 Studio, fully loaded with a Dolby Atmos setup, 7.1.4 Genelec Surround setup, and a stereo pair of Dynaudio M1s. Tie-lined to its very own live room with cutting-edge Foley pits, S6 Studio also includes a top-of-the-line drum kit and amps, so you can record music like a pro too. Its massive 75” TV, hooked up to all the latest game consoles, is just the cherry on top.


Students also have access to a comprehensive arsenal of microphones from manufacturers like Rupert Neve Designs, Austrian Audio, Shure and SE Electronics.


ICMP has a range of boutique amps including Laney IronHearts, Mesa Boogie, Fender, Marshall and Vox. Our partnership with Orange also promises a number of feature amps across the year. We also have available, via our gear hire desk, two of the incredible Kemper Profilers - the leading-edge digital guitar amplifier and all-in-one effects processor – along with pedalboard.

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If you’re looking to turn heads with your own unique production style, ICMP’s pioneering approach to music education will provide everything you need. Our Music Production students all benefit from fully equipped Audient and SSL recording studios, Mac Labs, world-class gear, an exceptional team of tutors, masterclasses, exclusive events, collaborative opportunities, and a curriculum that covers studio and live work, engineering, composition, advanced skills, business, and professional development.

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