Feedback from students is highly valued by ICMP and vital to the continued improvement of our provision.

Putting students at the heart of everything we do, our academic committees include student membership to ensure that students are fully involved in the decision-making process. We also have an established system of Student Reps with a Student Senate led by a Student President and Vice-President.

The post of Student President is central in the Student Voice cycle of ICMP. The president coordinates a range of activities and is invited to attend a range of committees and meetings to ensure the student's voice is present in all relevant discussions. The Student President is supported by the Student Vice-President.

Students Elected 2020/21

student-president-joy_0.jpgJoy-Princess Emokpae 

By taking on this role, Joy hopes to increase the number of students that feel able to speak out on topics they are concerned about, especially when they feel like nothing can be done. She also wants to encourage ICMP to evidently and openly embrace the differences within the student body. Many things are a lot harder as the year has gone on due to the global situation but she hopes​ that, even in these current times, we can still band together and do the best we can. Alongside her studies, Joy is working on her own music and growing on her creative journey.    



Keegan Israel Yap

Keegan's focus is to be a link between the student body and the academic team at ICMP. He would like to build and provide an accessible student leader body, one that is reliable, effective, and safely comfortable for any student to reach out to. Keegan has taken on this role because, throughout his first year at ICMP, he felt the team of representatives had little to no presence in the school. Many students had no idea what the purpose of this team was, and worse still some students had no idea this team even existed at all. Thus, moving forward, Keegan wants to work with this new team so that it can have the presence and contact points with every individual at ICMP. Outside of ICMP Keegan plays with his new band, and is working on multiple projects with fellow peers from ICMP.  



Monday Osarobo

Investing in equality, diversity and inclusion is an integral part of ensuring that ICMP is a safe space for all. The diversity of the student body is part of what distinguishes the Institute and is one of ICMP's greatest strengths. Ensuring that underrepresented groups are identified and presented with tailored opportunities means that all students will be able to take full advantage of what the Institute has to offer and hone their craft irrespective of their differences. In fact, I passionately believe that embracing our differences such as ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and different abilities will ensure our interconnectedness as an Institute and enable us all to better ourselves as people and as creatives. As the EDI officer, I will contribute to a safer environment for students where inclusivity, equality and celebrating diversity are intrinsic daily practices of the institution.

environmental-officer-chiara.jpgChiara De Lange Wilson
Environment and Sustainability Officer

Chiara would like to help students and staff tackle and understand the global climate emergency. She believes that by sharing helpful and educational information about the crisis is what sill drive change. Chiara strongly supports that educating students on how they can eat sustainably but also understand what brain foods they need is a key aspect of making change not only for the planet but for individual's personal development as well. Finally, she would also like to make sure that students feel they have a voice and encourages them to speak up about any ideas/issues they may have that she can help with.

societies-co-curricular-officer-lois.jpgLois Edwards
Societies and Co-Curricular Officer

Lois is passionate about helping to improve the lives of others. She feels that she has learned so much from her time at ICMP so far, constantly challenging herself to learn more, and believes that she could represent the student voice with the same compassion. Lois thinks it’s more important now than ever to have inclusive societies and events where students from all backgrounds can get involved and feel part of a community, and express themselves in a way that is interesting and rewarding to them. She will be working hard to make sure your student voice is heard and hopes to help create a positive experience for students here at ICMP and make this the best year yet.

If you would like to contact any of them, please do so via My.Icmp.