Our professionally-accredited courses give you an impressive advantage for job prospects, showing your course is relevant, accurate and high-quality. Many employers seek out this ‘stamp of approval’ and some only recruit graduates with an accredited qualification – so studying with ICMP can give you a solid footing on the career ladder, and an edge over the competition.


What is an accredited course?

Accreditation is a hallmark of quality and standards in your chosen industry, where your course is professionally recognised, and can even count towards other qualifications. To give that official endorsement, leading bodies review the course content and materials, check the learning and assessment methods, and ensure what you’re learning is relevant and up-to-date. Put it all together, and it’s easy to see why more and more employers are looking for candidates who’ve studied on an accredited course.

What are the benefits of an accredited course?

Studying on a professionally accredited course can give you a headstart in your career, with key gatekeepers vouching for the quality of your education. Professional accreditation can:

  • Make you more employable
  • Make it easier to apply for postgraduate courses
  • Improve your salary and promotion prospects 
  • Connect you with peers and experts in your field
  • Give you access to extra resources, like magazines and journals
  • Teach you transferable skills for the workplace

As well as all this, professional accreditation can count towards other qualifications and registrations, and could even exempt you from certain early-stage exams. Some employers will only recruit those with accredited qualifications. 

Our professional accreditors 

We only work with the biggest and most reputable names in the industry, helping to pass that expertise and prestige to you and your studies. Take a look at a few of the organisations that endorse our courses at ICMP.

Chartered Institute of Marketing


A world leader for professional marketers, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) sets the standard across the industry – and around the globe. As well as providing its own training, it offers accredited courses with ICMP. Studying on one of our CIM-accredited courses is an impressive addition to any CV, and thanks to the body’s international recognition, means it even holds weight abroad. 

The CIM regularly surveys its members about career prospects. In its annual Marketing Rewards Survey, it found that the average CIM member earns 10% more than a non-qualified member during the course of their career. It also gives you access to practical guides and CIM events, helps you network with other marketers in your area, and runs a job board to help you progress your career.

CIM Accredited Courses at ICMP

Chartered Management Institute

Accredited CMI Centre London

This Chartered Management Institute is the only chartered professional body in the UK dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence.

When ICMP Music Business undergraduate students graduate, they’ll receive a CMI leadership and management qualification in addition to their Bachelor’s degree. The qualification, which recognises key skills for middle managers, is considered a benchmark on the way to achieving Chartered Manager status.

This CMI dual accreditation enhances students learning experience and improves employability in a number of ways. This includes complimentary CMI student membership throughout the duration of the degree, plus an additional three months post-graduation. Membership provides a range of networking and professional development opportunities, along with access to constantly updated resources.

As a CMI members, students also benefit from: 

  • CMI’s online portal, ManagementDirect – featuring thousands of resources to support your learning
  • A range of tools, information and advice in the Career Development Centre
  • Mentoring support from experienced industry experts.

CMI Accredited Courses at ICMP

Digital Marketing Institute


The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) is a global leader in marketing, specialising in the digital sphere. To date, it’s certified more professionals to ‘single digital education’ standard than any other body, teaching and training in over 115 countries – and its qualifications are respected all around the world. 

The DMI grants access to a range of materials to support your studies, including video lectures, practical exercises and interactive quizzes, as well as a large student network. It also works closely with key industry stakeholders like Google, Meta and Twitter through the Syllabus Advisory Council, which plays a role in reviewing its courses.

DMI Accreditted Courses at ICMP

One Year Courses

Three Year Degree Courses

Avid Learning


Aimed at audio professionals across music, film and television, Avid’s mission is to power content creators through its tools and platforms. Avid Pro Tools is the professional standard across studios worldwide. It’s the most-used audio production software among artists, music producers, and sound professionals, and helps create the world’s best-loved music, movies, and TV shows.

ICMP offers Certified Pro Tools training from 101 Fundamentals all the way through to 310 Advanced Production and mixing courses. We’re the only training provider in London offering Pro Tools to an expert level. Certification gives you the skills you need to demonstrate your value and competency in the music and wider media industries, recognised by global music, post-production, movie, TV and broadcast facilities. You can then add your name to Avid’s Certification Registry, a database that employers and partners can use to search for a certified professional.

View our full range of Pro Tools Courses

Ableton Certified Training Centre

Ableton Certified Training Center Logo

Alongside our professionally accredited courses, ICMP is also a Certified Ableton Training Centre, with all our Ableton courses run by Ableton Certified Trainers. Certified Trainers are skilled music industry professionals and know Ableton’s products inside-out, helping you get the best out of platforms like Live, Max for Live, and Push. 

Ableton Live Courses at ICMP