All aspiring musicians need a serious and experienced music education partner in order to realise their personal goals and ambitions.

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance is London's leading music industry education provider and has been developing and delivering contemporary music education for over 35 years – longer than any other music school in the UK.

Founded in 1986, ICMP was originally known as The Guitar Institute and Basstech, but soon expanded to offer courses in drums, vocals and other instruments; songwriting; music business, music production and more recently, Live Event Management and Digital Marketing. We pride ourselves on our small class sizes, 121 tuition, high number of teaching contact hours, personalised approach to student engagement, regular one-to-one support, and dynamic use of technology in the classroom – innovations you just won’t find to the same extent at any other modern music college.

ICMP was the first music school in London to offer full-time music degrees for students of contemporary music, and we pioneered the teaching methods, curriculum structure and philosophy that have become the benchmark for contemporary music education.

In November 2021, ICMP was successfully awarded Full Degree Awarding Powers. This means ICMP will take full responsibility for the academic integrity and standards of its programmes, and the award of its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes from September 2022. 

Many places try to copy our formula, but, of course, there is only one ICMP – original, innovative, independent and individual.


Over the 30 plus years we've been teaching, we have earned a reputation for quality, excellence and success, and, as a result, thousands of students have chosen to study music with us, making ICMP the starting point for their careers in music.

ICMP London was founded in 1986 as the Guitar Institute and BassTech, and was the first music institution to provide relevant, practical and professional training for contemporary musicians. Yet, while the name and identity of ICMP has naturally evolved over time, the underlying focus on the needs of the students has never changed. As a result, ICMP music college graduates can now be found making successful careers all over the world – playing, performing, producing, creating or teaching music, both in their home communities and on some of the world’s greatest stages.

Over 30 years of excellence

ICMP has been of developing and delivering relevant, high-quality music degree courses now for over thirty years. We pioneered the teaching methods, curriculum structure and philosophy that have now become the benchmark for contemporary music education. Our teaching faculty, our greatest asset, has always been unrivaled in the UK, and in fact anywhere else in the world.

Our London location is central to our ability to provide students with an incredible range of opportunities to showcase their talent and build their networks, and our inspirational learning environment provides you with the perfect opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge in preparation for a successful career in music.

We have been achieving excellence for over 30 years already – and we are looking forward to the next 30 years of ICMP graduates shaping the future of the music industry!

ICMP Queen's Park Campus


ICMP is an independent provider of modern music education. Unlike other schools, we are not beholden to investors who have short-term business goals to achieve. Our objective is not simply to open more and more centres and enrol more and more students. As a result, we can take a very long-term view on developing and improving our music education provision and standards of excellence to support the career development of a wide range of aspiring musicians, creative artists and music entrepreneurs. At ICMP, you can be sure that the school always has your best interests at heart.

Music Production Room • London Music School


ICMP was the first to offer full-time music degree programmes for students of contemporary music, and we continue to innovate and develop our provision. This unrivalled experience means that our students acquire the techniques to express themselves, the tools to survive in the industry, and the ability to make rewarding careers as players, performers, producers, teachers, industry executives and entrepreneurs.

Our lastest courses, launching in 2022, see us expand our teaching into the world of Live Event Management and Digital Marketing.