Wes Burton is a Yorkshire born, multi-instrumentalist and music producer. 

Now based in London, the producer and tutor’s work focuses on writing, engineering, mixing and mastering, specialising in audiophile grade progressive rock and metal recordings alongside jazz-funk and reggae. 

As a teenager, Wes was lead guitarist and producer for progressive metal band Yugen, from which he gained vital experience performing in Huddersfield, York, Manchester and Leeds.

He recorded and produced the band’s debut album, ‘Call of the Void’, in a studio he built when he was only 18. 

Since then, he has studied at ICMP, completing his BA Hons degree and studying a postgraduate MA in Creative Music Production after being awarded a scholarship. 

In our interview around the award, Wes gave some advice to emerging artists and producers looking to study at ICMP: 

Socialise. Network. Meet people. Throughout my three year undergraduate degree I was constantly told about the importance of networking with the great musicians and producers around you at ICMP, but I didn't take this advice seriously enough. Now back again studying for my masters, my main goal above all else is to socialise and network with the great musical community."

Wes is currently musical director for London based artist Mister Lees and producer/bass player for up and coming band Hello Amnesia who recently played at Islington Assembly Hall.

Watch Wes and his band Blank Fiction live in session with a video edited, mixed and mastered by Wes as part of his final year professional project. 

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BA Audio Engineering and Production