Below we've tried to answer many of your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 

These cover everything from applications and auditions, to student finance and accommodation.

If you need further help, please don't hesitate to contact us on or by calling +44 (0)20 7328 0222.

How do I APPLY?

For our Accredited courses (Undergraduate, Postgraduate and HNCs) you should make an application, which may be done directly on our website, or via UCAS. You will then be invited to ICMP to attend an audition (free-of-charge), and take a short tour of our premises. If successful, you will then be offered a course suited to your level and needs.

Is there a deadline to apply to one of your courses?

There is no deadline, though we recommend to apply as soon as possible. This will give you enough time to sort out your finance, accommodation, and more. Please note that, upon acceptance of your offer, you will need to pay full course fees at least one month before the course starts. Late enrolments are up to the discretion of our Admissions Team and students that have not paid their course fees may not be able to start their course.

Can I make changes to my application?

If there is anything you would like to discuss in regards to your application, please contact our friendly Admission Team at or +44 (0)20 7328 0222.

I received a formal offer. How do I confirm my place at ICMP?

Great news! You are only a few steps away from becoming an ICMP students. Please visit this page to know what you need to do next.


Information about the progress of a student’s application and academic progress will only be discussed with the student concerned. If you wish your parents/guardians to discuss your progress with ICMP staff, you must contact our Admission team and give them permission. For further information about the consent to share process students should email

Will I be good enough to apply for a place at ICMP?

There is nothing to worry about. While we hold auditions for many of our students, this is to ensure that they're allocated to the correct level to optimise their learning.  ICMP is a very friendly place, and staff and fellow students are all extremely supportive. We understand that everyone has to begin somewhere; our staff are trained for this purpose, and we exist to help you become a better player, singer, songwriter or producer. While our courses aim to challenge you, you will not be placed on any course that is beyond your potential and abilities.

what is an audition?

An audition is the ICMP’s way to check what level your playing/singing is at and what course would best suit your talent and personal objectives. Auditions take place at the ICMP’s facilities in London with a member of our teaching faculty and they should take around an hour. Online and Video assessments can also be arranged for non-UK students.

Do you organise open days?

Yes, we do. Whether you know which Accredited course you are interested in or you are still trying to figure it out, we strongly recommend to attend one of our Open Days. We also offer Backstage Pass Tour for you to get to know about our facilities, courses and more. Click here for more information.

How much do courses cost at ICMP?

The fees vary depending on the course or class you are taking. Visit our fees page for full details of course costs, how to pay and funding options or contact our Admissions team on 020 7328 0222 or

Is financial aid available?

There are options available to students for financial support depending upon the choice of course and the student’s own circumstances. Students should contact the ICMP’s Admissions team directly to discuss their options. Please note that UK and EU students have access to loans through Student Finance UK

What is the deadline to pay my course fees?

The deadline is 21st of August 2020. If you are applying for a Tuition Fee Loan you need to make the application as soon as possible and inform our Finance team that you have done so. Please note that Tuition Fee application forms are different for New and Returning UK/EU students - Please contact our Finance team for advice about the correct forms.

What happens if my student loan is late?

Our Finance Team would be happy to assist. Please contact us on +44 (0)20 7604 2465 or

How much time will I spend studying?

This varies from course to course, you will find full details relating to this question on each course page. In addition to the direct teaching hours, we encourage students to invest time in their self-study, as well as make the most of their ICMP experience by participating in as many masterclasses, performances and events as possible. Please also note that all our facilities are available to be booked for practise and rehearsals outside of lesson time.

How many students are there in a class?

The number of students attending each class may vary depending on the course and the mode of delivery. We generally aim for no more than 15 students per tutor for most classes, although in same instances, where the student learning experience is not affected (eg. lectures), class numbers may be higher.

Where will I be taught?

All classes take place at our campus in Kilburn, North-West London. Our building has been recently re-designed specifically for the future of music education.

Where will I study, practice and rehearse?

Affordable rehearsal space is one of the biggest hurdles for all young musicians. At ICMP we do our very best to help our students overcome this by making all our facilities available to them 7 days a week (until 11pm on weekdays). From studios to drum booths, tech labs to live rooms, we offer you spaces to study, practice and rehearse at no additional cost. Please note these are in very high demand and need to be booked in advance.  Students can also hire various equipment.

I am an international student. how do i enrol?

International students are welcome at ICMP, and are generally subject to the same audition and enrolment process as domestic students. Any students from outside the EU who require a student visa to study in the UK are required to supply all necessary documentation and pay full course fees before ICMP will act as a sponsor for their visa application. ICMP has a ‘Tier 4 Sponsor’ license number and is registered with UK Visas and Immigration. Students must ensure they have a valid visa for study, and will be required to provide a copy of this visa upon arrival at ICMP. Should a student from outside the EU not arrive for the start of their course, or should their attendance fall below the threshold set out by the UKVI, ICMP will inform the UKVI and pass on any relevant student details. Further information can be found here.

I need a Visa to study in the UK. Can I work while studying in the UK?

If you are an internation student on a Tier 4 visa who received their visa prior to 1st August 2019 then your working rights remain unchanged. If your CAS and subsequent Tier 4 visa was issued after1st August 2019, then you are entititled to work up to 10 or 20 hours a week during term-time (depending upon the level of study) and unlimited hours out of term-time. Please refer to your visa /BRP (residence permit) for information on the limitations to your visa. For further information please refer to the UKCISA website.

what about brexit?

The Government has confirmed the funding arrangements for EU students for both 2019/20 and 2020/21. EU nationals wishing to study from Academic Year 2019/20 or 2020/21  will continue to be eligible to apply for student undergraduate, masters, postgraduate and advanced learner financial support as well as Research Council PhD studentships. To find out all about Brexit implications and what it means for European and International students, please visit this page.

can you help with accommodation?

We have created an accommodation guide which is regularly updated with useful contacts, tips and guidance on finding accommodation. Once students have received an offer on a course, they will also be able to request access to The ICMP House Hunting Forum on Facebook, where they can meet up to find house-sharing/hunting opportunities. In addition, towards the start of the academic year, we organise two Accommodation Days so students who are relocating can meet up and get to know each other.


You can park your bicycle in our rear car park, though we unfortunately don't have any car parking space available. Please check the closest car parking options here.

Can I attend masterclasses?

All student activities, including masterclasses, are free-of-charge for ICMP students.  If you are not a current student and want to attend any of our events please contact us for further information.

does icmp offer disability & wellbeing support services for students?

Here at ICMP, we provide a range of services to support students during their journey. Our team is in place to help you with any problem you may encounter whilst studying with us, and also to ensure that those with specific needs can access the appropriate support. Please check our Disability and Wellbeing page to find out more.

Can ICMP support my career after the end of my course?

As part of our ICMP alumni community, you have access to a range of resources. Our Careers & Industry Hub can provide: 

  • ongoing professional and artist/talent development advice
  • access to ICMP events, masterclasses and networking sessions with high-profile industry professionals
  • access to apply for project funding from the Accelerator Fund
  • regularly updated job offers and performance opportunities

For more information, please contact us at