An experienced educationalist with a career spanning 20 years and a background performing in many of London’s most established concert halls.

Jane first worked with ICMP four years ago on the dissertation marking team. Since then, Jane has joined our academic team as a tutor on our BA (Hons) Songwriting course.

Recently, Jane has worked in an academic support role providing advice and guidance to students with their academic work. This has also led to one-on-one tuition for students with non-traditional backgrounds to support them through the more academic aspects of their course.

Music is Jane’s subject background. She played the violin as part of a youth orchestra in North London, and with this orchestra she has performed in many of London’s large concert halls. She graduated with a BMUS from the University of Birmingham and pursued her music education by completing an MSc in Music Psychology at Keele University.

Write songs that last for generations

A great song can become truly timeless, remembered for generations as part of the world’s cultural legacy. Whether you want to craft a killer melody or pen poetic lyrics, our tutors will teach you everything you want to know, including all the production, performance, professional and entrepreneurial skills needed to ensure that your unique creations get the recognition they deserve. You’ll also benefit from A&R-style critique sessions, collaborative opportunities, access to fully equipped live rooms, recording studios and tech suites, and a community of inspiring contacts and friends.

To catapult your songwriting and music career to a whole new level, email our friendly Admissions Team at or give them a call on 020 7328 0222.

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