BA (Hons) Music Marketing

Available in: London


On the BA (Hons) Music Marketing degree, you’ll develop your dynamic music business and marketing skills across all facets of the music industry. You’ll master the ability to devise, plan and execute high-impact music marketing strategies to reach global audiences and really stand out from the crowd.

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3 Years

Cert HE Music Marketing

Available in: London

CEMM i25

Creative industries can be tricky to navigate and tough to crack. In this year-long course, you’ll get to grips with the music business while building the technical marketing skills you need to get noticed. Whether you want to work in music or marketing, your career starts here.

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1 Year

Why study Digital Marketing?

Key facts for students

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More than a degree

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK, with LinkedIn reporting a recent 52% increase in job demand.

From entertainment, to education, to socialising with friends, we are increasingly living our lives online. With so much of our time spent on digital platforms like social media and streaming sites, the most successful brands know that’s where they need to be. For small start-ups, digital marketing provides an opportunity to be seen and heard which, in the past, would only have been available to established companies. For big brands, it’s about keeping up and standing out in a crowded market. An in-depth understanding of digital marketing can unlock exciting opportunities for you with all different kinds of brands, products and services - and our BA (Hons) Music Marketing degree  give you exactly that.

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Our Digital Marketing courses offer students a deep dive into the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

  • Build digital marketing skills and knowledge in this cutting-edge course, designed for modern digital platforms.
  • Realise practical, creative and entrepreneurial potential through workshops, hands-on experience and traditional seminars and lectures.
  • Discover how to find, reach and connect with a virtual audience across social media, streaming platforms and websites.
  • See how to successfully advertise your brand, product or service through idea generation, planning, data and analytics, and market insights.
  • Network with digital marketing professionals and get a unique insight into the industry with real, lived experience.
  • Collaborate with like-minded peers from ICMP's rich talent pool.

ICMP music marketing students benefit from a curriculum designed by industry professionals with input from key professional bodies, the Digital Marketing Institute and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

All courses benefit from regular industry guest lectures, offering ongoing insight into the very edge of the world of digital marketing. From marketing agencies to social media entrepreneurs, we'll ensure you build connections and learn from some of the best in the business.

Our undergraduate Music Marketing courses are professionally accredited, offering you an impressive advantage when job hunting, showing your course is relevant, accurate and high-quality.

Many employers seek out this ‘stamp of approval’ and some only recruit graduates with an accredited qualification – so studying digital marketing in London with ICMP can give you a solid footing on the career ladder, and an edge over the competition.


The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) is a global leader in marketing, specialising in the digital sphere. Students studying our Cert HE and BA (Hons) Music Marketing course is granted access to a range of DMI materials to support thier studies, including video lectures, practical exercises and interactive quizzes, as well as a large student network. It also works closely with key industry stakeholders like Google, Meta and Twitter through the Syllabus Advisory Council, which plays a role in reviewing its courses.


A world leader for professional marketers, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) sets the standard across the industry – and around the globe. As well as providing its own training, it offers accredited degree courses with ICMP. Studying on one of our CIM-accredited BA (Hons) Music Marketing degree course is an impressive addition to any CV, and thanks to the body’s international recognition, means it even holds weight abroad.