Researcher Development

ICMP offers staff the chance to engage with a range of CPD activities relating to our Research, Scholarship, and Professional Practice Strategy . There are various strands of mentoring you can choose from and a range of one-off sessions that will deepen your understanding of key issues relating to Research, Scholarship, and Professional Practice (RSPP). 

All details can be found on our my.ICMP pages.

Seminars and events

ICMP hosts a range of activities including RSPP seminars and its annual RSPP Conference.  ICMP staff can find up-to-date information on the my.ICMP platform.

Our new upcoming event:

ICMP Saved by a Song Conference 2024

Date: Wednesday 5th June • Location: ICMP Queen's Park, London

Our conference aims to explore the theme of transformational songwriting in its broadest remit. The conference welcomes anyone with an interest in songwriting, including scholars, musical practitioners, industry practitioners, campaigners, etc. This conference will be a unique opportunity to share ideas, trends, research and innovation in teaching approaches and best practices in songwriting. See our Call for Participation doc, here.

We will discover:

  • What do we mean when we speak of the transformational Power of Songwriting?
  • What evidence is there out there that the writing and performance of song may actually make a difference to the way we live our lives?

Previous Events:

ICMP Music Production Education Conference 2022

Date: Thursday 8th September • Location: ICMP Kilburn, London

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance has expanded its music production and engineering provision in recent years and is hosting a conference dedicated to Music Production in Higher Education.

Themes we will be exploring include:

  • Removing barriers – inclusivity in the world of music production
  • DIY production and embracing technical limitations
  • Gender diversity and representation in music production and audio engineering
  • Innovations in music production
  • Production and pedagogy

Music Business Education Conference 2019

Date: Wednesday 12th June • Location: ICMP Kilburn, London

he conference welcomed a diverse, international array of music industry experts and academics to speak and discuss the latest hot topics and trends. 

Speakers included, Darren Hoffman from the Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship at Florida State University, alongside academics from Birmingham City University, Leeds College of Music and Falmouth University. Music industry speakers include Music Ally’s Kush Patel, representatives from the BPI, ITB, and BMG, along with social media expert Adam Biddle from GH0ST. BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart also attended to introduce his new book 'The Slacker Guide to the Music Industry.

The conference presented a unique opportunity to share ideas, trends, research and innovation in teaching approaches and best practices in music business education.