Every year, our music scholarships and bursaries support many people from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds who are interested in pursuing the study of music.

Each year, ICMP offers a series of Scholarships and Bursaries aimed at championing diversity and supporting disadvantaged young people.   


My ICMP Bursary

Value: £400 per semester

The My ICMP bursary is designed to support students whilst they undertake undergraduate study. The bursary aims to help reduce the necessity of employment during your time at ICMP, helping you to focus on your studies. It can be used to support the purchase of equipment or other living costs as you see fit.

This bursary is available for the duration of your course and, if eligible, you will receive two payments of £400, one each semester. These are paid at the start of each semester and will come directly from Student Finance England.

There is no application process for this bursary, your application to Student Finance England will trigger this bursary, assuming the criteria set out below is met.

Eligible students will be UK-domiciled, studying on an ICMP undergraduate programme and have a household income of less than £25,000.


  • a. A UK undergraduate student starting study in 2023/24.
  • b. Receiving Student Finance funding (Student Loan)
  • c. Have a household income of under £25,000 per year, which will be evidenced via your application to the Student Loans Company.
  • d. Students who have not applied for Student Finance due to religious reasons.
  • e. Enrolled on an undergraduate programme at ICMP.
  • f. Not retaking a year of study.

Current students, progressing to their second and third years of study, will also be eligible. You will be automatically enrolled for this bursary via your Student Finance England application – assuming you’ve met the relevant conditions set-out above.

Terms & Conditions


Young Independent Student Bursary

Value: £2,000 per academic year (paid in four installments)

This bursary is designed to support students who are either care experienced or estranged from their family. The bursary consists of a non-repayable £2,000 grant, paid in four instalments for each year of progressive study. Three payments are made during the academic year, and one during the summer, specifically designed to help support students during the summer period, between academic years. Students can apply at any point during the academic year.

Eligible students will be under the age of 25, UK-domiciled, studying on a full-time undergraduate programme and either an estranged student or care leaver.

The definition of estrangement is being under the age of 25 and classified as an ‘independent student on the ground of estrangement’ by Student Finance England.


  • A 'home' undergraduate student (see T&Cs for full definition)
  • Under the age of 25 on the 1st September of the year of entry onto your course
  • Verified as a care leaver or estranged student (further details, including how we can support you with providing evidence, can be found within our T&Cs)
  • Submitted an application to Student Finance England, had a full financial assessment and consented to share this information with ICMP
  • Be enrolled on a full-time ICMP undergraduate degree
  • Not retaking a year of study

The payment will only be made if students have committed fully with the conditions of admittance, ICMP’s regulations including our attendance policy and our student code of conduct.

APply here  Terms & Conditions


Additional Support Fund - Undergraduates

Value: up to £900 per academic year (£300 max per application)

Number Available: limited to allocation of funds, refreshed each semester

The Additional Support Fund provides financial assistance for students in extremely difficult financial circumstances. The fund is designed to support undergraduate students with 'Home' status, who need financial help to meet costs that cannot be met from other sources of income. 

A payment of up to £300 is available to students to help them with the cost of food, bills, travel to ICMP, Internet and technology including a contribution towards the cost of a laptop (for those students who do not have equipment to access online learning at home).  Other essential provisions can include prescriptions and medication and support towards the cost of a hostel or travel to a safe space for students who are made homeless.  


Funding is currently available for the following groups of students:

  • Care Leavers and Care Experienced students.
  • Estranged students and those assessed as Independent by the Student Loans Company.
  • Students from low socio-economic households ​​(under £30,000 as assessed by the Student Loans Company).

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Additional Support Fund - Postgraduates

Value: up to £300 per academic year

Number Available: limited to allocation of funds, refreshed each year

The fund is designed to support students who need financial help to meet costs that cannot be met from other sources of income. 

A payment of up to £300 is available to students who find themselves in extreme circumstances, offering support to those students who are made homeless or are experiencing domestic violence/abuse to pay for temporary hostel accommodation and essential living costs and / or we can contribute towards the cost of the student travelling to a place of safety due to homelessness or domestic violence.  

We can also support those that are the victims of crime with a temporary loan of replacement equipment and in the instance where a wallet/ purse or bank card is taken, money to support them with food and travel until they are able to obtain replacement bank cards etc, a crime reference number will be required as evidence.  Other essential provisions can include repatriation due to ill health.  

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