Welcome to ICMP featured on Spotify, a series of new playlists that celebrate the community, providing a soundtrack to your day.

Our students create so much great music, that it can't be contained to just one playlist - so we've curated a series to suit different moods and tastes.

Whether you're in the mood for some upbeat pop music, relaxing indie tracks, or heavy metal anthems, you'll find a playlist that's perfect for you. The playlists feature the latest and greatest tracks from your ICMP community.

We'll refresh the playlists regularly so you'll never run out of new and exciting music to discover. So why not give them a try and see which playlist will be a new favourite! 

An opportunity to collaborate  

These new curated playlists make finding ICMP collaborators even easier! Simply listen through the playlists that align with your style, and then locate the artists behind your favourite tracks on social media. Students can use their mutual connections at ICMP to get the conversation started - we’re a small but tight community, so connecting is never an issue! Students can also submit their tracks to be featured and allow the collaboration requests to flow directly to them..

Want to be featured?

We're all about discovering and celebrating new music, especially from our students - so keep us updated by submitting your tracks.

If you're releasing new music, let us know and you could be added to one of these playlists, including our Release Radar on Spotify.

As well as being part of followed playlists, they'll be shared across our social media platforms and promos to other students on other channels - reaching thousands of new listeners!

Submit your track

Discover the new playlists...

New Nostalgia

Songs you might not have heard yet that make you feel like you're 14 again.

Rock Your Socks Off

The biggest and best rock songs from across the ICMP community.

Exponential Chill

From lofi pop to shoegaze, these tracks are the perfect soundtrack to chill out to.

Coming of Age

Soundtrack your life like you're the star of your own movie.

Modern Masterpieces

Pristine, synth-driven, modern tracks from the ICMP community.

Acoustic Sounds

Stripped back perfection from the ICMP community.