At ICMP, we’re proud of the business we’ve created, and we’re keen to continue that sense of achievement and fulfilment moving forward.

We’ve developed five core company values that reflect who and what we are, how and why we do things, and where we want to be. The way we operate and teach is underpinned by these five core values every day.

1. Empowering successful and creative futures

We enable our staff and students to forge dynamic, creative and rewarding careers while taking personal and institutional pride in their achievements.

Values in Action

Our Careers and Industry Hub is just one example of how we do this. The Hub’s team of industry professionals and experienced careers counsellors give you bespoke specialist support, making key connections, offering careers advice, running exclusive events, and supporting access to funding through our Accelerator Fund – all of which help you to realise your creative potential and gain a head start in your music career.

With this kind of support behind you, we believe success is almost inevitable, and we’re committed to celebrating it when you make it happen. The ICMP Marketing Team regularly profiles the achievements of our students and alumni, as well as staff, on the ICMP blog and social media channels.

2. Educating in harmony with industry

Providing innovative and progressive teaching of the highest standards in technical, creative, professional and entrepreneurial practice to create successful career outcomes for all our graduates – that’s the ICMP way.

Values in Action

Our faculty members make a point of incorporating their proven and extensive industry experience into our programmes wherever possible, knowing this will help give you a real edge when you embark upon your music career.

When Bass Tutor Ben Jones joined the BMus teaching team in 2017, for example, he identified the need for change. Wanting the Ensemble Skills module to better reflect the reality of the industry – where professional session players exhibit their creativity alongside their technical ability – he redesigned the module into a Live Arrangement Workshop. In a concept similar to Radio 1’s Live Lounge, this new structure ensured an increase in experimentation and collaboration. We believe this integration of industry with education guarantees our place as one of Europe’s leading music colleges.

3. Championing inclusivity and diversity

We wouldn’t be where we are today without recognising our internal and external responsibilities to be both inclusive and diverse, leading by example across all aspects of our organisational practices.

Values in Action

There’s nothing homogenous about music and at ICMP we’re as committed to diversity at an organisational level as we are in the content we teach and create. Applicants are accepted according to merit and our respectful, welcoming culture has long made us an education provider of choice for students and faculty from all corners of the globe. We take a zero-tolerance approach to inequality and discrimination. We continue to examine and reflect upon our practices and offerings, openly seeking feedback and looking to improve and diversify wherever possible.

We’re immensely proud of our teaching faculty and we are constantly looking to broaden the cultural base of our specialist tutors.

4: Encouraging and recognising excellence

Each and every member of the ICMP team is always striving for the highest quality in our endeavours, working professionally as one team to cultivate a supportive, resilient and collaborative culture, with a focus on accountability, responsibility, transparency and respect.

Values in Action

There’s no underestimating the importance of teamwork – now more than ever. At ICMP, we seek to lead by example, working together, learning and improving at every opportunity, and adapting with ease.

In the face of the many challenges presented by the COVID-19 global pandemic, our team members continued to produce exceptional work, problem-solve collaboratively and communicate with students, all while working from home themselves. Even in a situation as unpredictable as a lockdown, distance proved no barrier to the exceptional collective effort that’s simply standard at ICMP – we expect it of our students because we live it ourselves.

5: Being socially responsible

Constantly considering our environmental, our social and our community responsibilities, locally, nationally and globally, to create a better future for all – we know it’s the least you’d expect.

Values in Action

There are many examples of social responsibility being part of the ICMP DNA. Our community music project, ICMP Together, is a series of instructional videos, created by our expert music tutors, which we posted free on our social media channels during the COVID-19 lockdown. Not only did this help us share the joy of music at a time when feelings of isolation and anxiety were high, but it allowed us to give back to our local community, which has supported us for more than three decades.

Additionally, we work with First Mile waste contractors to minimise our environmental footprint. We appreciate First Mile’s ‘zero to landfill’ commitment, which sees general waste collected in carbon-neutral vehicles, with any waste unable to be recycled safely incinerated to produce green heat and electricity.

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