At ICMP we've always taken great pride in the success our graduates achieve in their careers.

We know that within 6 months of graduating, over 94% of our graduates are in employment or further education and in 2017*, six months after graduating, ICMP graduates were earning an average salary of £24,000, which is £5,000 higher than other UK music students.**

Importantly, the support and guidance we offer do not stop once you've graduated. As an ICMP alumn, you're always able to re-engage and benefit from a wide range of support activities, at any point in your career. From one-to-one support and advice to attending current ICMP events, our door is always open to you. ICMP alumni are also able to access the Accelerator Fund for assistance with professional projects. 

Ongoing Support After You Graduate

Just because you graduate doesn’t mean we stop supporting you. Once you graduate from ICMP, you retain access to support and guidance from our Music Careers & Industry Hub Team and join a bustling community of ICMP alumni in the UK and internationally!

Services available from our Music Careers & Industry Hub Team include:

  • Job Applications. We provide a range of support including reviewing CVs, cover letters and application forms for all jobs and opportunities.
  • Building your Creative Career. Guidance and advice on topics such as release and marketing strategies, raising your profile as a musician, connecting with industry and much more.
  • Building your Portfolio Career. Guidance and advice on topics such as identifying a range of potential career paths, further education and building revenue streams as well as guidance on working as a self-employed freelancer.
  • Exclusive events. We provide a range of events focussed on connecting you with industry practitioners, employers and other professionals.
  • Information and resources. You have access to an archive of key information and resources across a range of topics via the Careers+ platform.
  • International Networks. Access an international network of ICMP alumni working across the music and wider industries
  • Mentorship. Access to a broad range of alumni mentors via our exclusive ICMP Life platform.
  • Job Opportunities. Access to job and performance listings and other exclusive opportunities through ICMP Life platform.

If you have any questions or require any help please contact the Careers & Industry Hub via Make sure to create your Alumni profile on Careers+ using your personal or professional email address to keep access to support from the Careers & Industry Hub.

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*DLHE • Employment of Leavers Survey - UK domiciled undergraduate leavers 2016/17 | ** DLHE 2017

ICMPLife - our exclusive community platform

All ICMP students and alumni have access to one of the largest and most diverse music communities in the UK through our ICMPLife platform.

The platform, which includes a mobile app, is a closed community offering a place to continue to collaborate, network, seek feedback and self-promote.

If you're a graduate and would like further information, just contact us at  

graduate outcomes


Graduate Outcomes is a national survey capturing the activities and perspectives of graduates and is the biggest annual social survey in the UK. This survey allows current and future students to make informed choices and to help us to evaluate and promote our courses.

You will receive an email invitation to complete the survey approximately 15 months after you complete your course at ICMP. Please ensure we have your current contact details by updating your Careers+ profile with your personal email address, once you have completed your programme of study.

You can learn more about Graduate Outcomes in this video:

The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) is the official Government agency for the collection, analysis and dissemination of quantitative information about higher education in the UK. Like other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), ICMP has a statutory duty to pass certain personal data on current and former students to HESA. 

ICMP also supplies HESA with contact details of recent graduates, for use in the Graduate Outcomes survey. The following data collection notices have been produced by HESA for HEIs, explaining the purposes for which the data is gathered and the ways in which these are used. 

The Statement is updated annually and can be found here.

Note: Reference in this notice to 'we' and 'us' refers to the higher education provider which you attend/attended (i.e. ICMP).  


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