About our Podcasts

Here at ICMP, we love podcasts and proudly host three of our own, each designed to help you understand and navigate your own musical journey.

Learn valuable insights into the life of songwriters, musicians and industry professionals, whilst getting tips to help accelerate your career and being inspired by our graduate success stories. 

Keep updated with new episodes regularly from 'RADAR', 'What's Next?' and catch up on all the episodes from 'Sounds Like These' with guests from Audrey Riley, to Jasmin Hodge, digital marketers and business entrepreneurs; there's truly something for everyone. 

Want to be a guest?

We're always on the lookout for new guests, to talk about the topics that matter to music industry professionals from across the industry.

If you work for a music charity, a record label, a PR/social media agency, a booking company, or else an alumni from ICMP... let's chat! 



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RADAR is the latest ICMP music podcast showcasing the creative output of our talented community.

In each episode, we’re joined by artists, students and industry professionals to take an in-depth look into their musical journey, as well as the projects that they’re passionate about.

Hosted by up and coming artist and BA Music Business student James Arlington.

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hosted by Lara Magnelli

Sounds Like These

A close look at the music business: from producers, songwriters and session musicians, to music supervisors, publishing A&Rs, festival producers and more. Find advice and tips from the people that make the music industry what it is today. 

Each episode of our 'Sounds Like These' podcast is an informal, insightful, and inspiring conversation with a variety of music industry professionals: from songwriters, producers, composers, and session players to people working in music for film, TV, and games, record labels, PRs, music charities, and more.

Discussing their careers, showbiz anecdotes, as well as matters of equality, diversity, and inclusion in the music business and beyond, with a common denominator at heart: their devotion to music.

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What's Next?

Ever wondered what ICMP music school graduates get up to after they graduate? This podcast tells us all.

This podcast features interviews with ICMP alumni talking about life after studying and how they started building their careers within music, the creative industries and beyond.

Hosted by ICMP’s Graduate Outcomes Assistant (and Masters in Songwriting graduate) Jordan Olukanmi, each monthly episode explores how ICMP graduates found their place within the industry.

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hosted by Jordan Olukanmi