Shape your sound in ICMP’s dedicated practice rooms

When you’re writing something new, searching for inspiration or perfecting your technique, being in the right environment is crucial. That’s why all our practice rooms are free for you to book seven days a week, right up until 11pm on weekdays. Bookings are managed via a dedicated online booking system, allowing you to grab a room whenever inspiration strikes.  

Band Rehearsal

We have a range of practice rooms available from rooms with stages and lighting rigs, through to dedicated air-conditioned drum booths. Every one of our dedicated practice rooms contains:

  • PA system  
  • Drum kit 
  • 2 guitar amps 
  • 1 bass amp 

Even better, you can hire all the gear you need to take your practice further, whether it’s mics for recording crisp vocals, or instruments like guitars and bases for clean licks and riffs. Pick up an amp to enhance your sound, or a set of ear monitors to help you develop that perfect mix. It’s all found in our Gear Hire room – just swipe your student card and go. 

Live performance rooms

Need to turn up the volume? Our high-tech live performance rooms are fully soundproofed and packed with all the top-of-the-range equipment and technology you could dream of – from full drum kits and digital pianos to boutique amps, mixing desks and more. 

Rehearsing Drums ICMP london

Drum booths

For those with a love for percussion, our dedicated drum booths are fully-equipped with amps and PA systems to make collaboration a breeze. And don’t miss our NATAL room, stocked with full kit and hardware from a leading British brand. All our drum booths are fully air-conditioned and sound-proofed for comfortable, clear sound and contain:

  • A full drumkit, guitar and bass amp  
  • Cymbals by Paiste or Zildjian 
  • Small PA system 
  • Sockets for laptops and playback devices 

Like many of our spaces, you’re free to book our drum booths through to 11pm, giving you time to practise well after-hours – and with no volume constraints.

rehearsing bass guitar

Multi-use rooms

Our teaching rooms aren’t just for practical lessons. You can also use these spaces for practising, writing and low-level rehearsal once class is over. Each comes equipped with digital pianos, PAs and a range of guitar and bass amps, and some also feature Roland digital drum kits.

Did you know?

All ICMP students can use our facilities for course-related practice free-of-charge outside of timetabled hours, and we're open 7 days a week! Students can also access facilities outside of term-time, for example during the summer break. *

* Please note, occasional closures days are required during key holiday periods (eg. Christmas, Easter, Bank holidays), for planned maintenance and occasionally for events such as Open Days.