You can choose from many music technology courses in London – but it’s worth remembering not all are created equal.

At ICMP, we’ve been creating and advancing contemporary music education for over 30 years now – that’s longer than any other London or UK music college.

We’re dedicated to providing real-world music production education for our students and offer a range of industry-aligned music technology courses across different levels – ideal for aspiring music producers ready to take that next step towards a long-term music industry career.

A bespoke learning experience

We’re proud of our individualised approach to student engagement, which means consistent one-on-one support, active use of classroom technology, a high number of teaching contact hours and small class sizes – benefits you certainly won’t find to the same extent on other music technology courses in London.

The personalised approach which underpins all our music technology courses means we really get to understand you as a producer and creative artist. We’ll build a custom-made educational experience around you, and will work with you to explore your future ambitions, encourage your talent, and provide regular opportunities to collaborate in the studio with fellow ICMP producers, writers, artists, musicians and engineers.

We understand that you’ll have different professional aspirations to others in your course, with a unique idea of what constitutes ‘success’, so we encourage you to forge your own personal path. You’ll graduate from your course a self-reliant, self-assured individual who possesses the networking connections, industry skills and motivation to advance your career as a creative music producer.

Great value for money

Taking an ICMP music technology course in London makes financial sense as well, with fees for ICMP music production degrees being notably lower than those at many conventional universities, and also less than those at other contemporary music education providers in the UK – making our music technology courses in London a logical choice.

ICMP London is a great place to learn, enquire, experiment and cement your place in the modern music industry.

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Our choice of Music Technology courses

There are plenty of music tech courses to choose from here at ICMP – including the three-year full-time BA (Hons) Creative Music Production, BA (Hons) Audio Engineering & Production and BA (Hons) Music Production for Film, TV & Games undergraduate degrees, the one-year full-time or two-year part-time MA Creative Music Production postgraduate degree, and a variety of short courses, including music production evening courses and specialised programmes delving into Ableton Live and Logic Pro. Our annual Music Production Summer School teaches how to create your own music using a choice of Ableton Live or Logic Pro software, too.

We also run a number of intensive 6month courses in Electronic Music ProductionMusic Production & Sound Engineering and Post Production for Film, TV and Games.

When researching study options to further your production passion, don’t go past the music technology courses at ICMP. There really is no better choice.

To find out more, contact a member of our Admissions Team on 020 7328 0222 or email


BA Creative Music Production

The BA (Hons) Creative Music Production course has a reputation for being one of the best music technology courses in London. A comprehensive and varied exploration of both the theoretical and practical facets of music production, it has been developed for those wishing to advance their careers as professional music producers.

Over three years, our expert tutors – all accomplished musicians and music producers outside of ICMP – will guide you through the captivating world of live, studio and digital music production. During your time on this excellent music technology course, you’ll produce market-ready original music, while also developing your entrepreneurial skills and technical ability. You’ll explore a host of real-world music production skills and will develop a proficient working knowledge of Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools and other industry-standard software.


MA Creative Music Production

If you’re looking to take that extra step in music, you simply can’t go past the MA Creative Music Production. Studying this highly practical postgraduate music technology course, you’ll explore and evolve your creative music production processes. The programme’s aim is to help you create and progress your professional sonic signature, and will see you become proficient in mixing and mastering in the context of both creativity and sound.

Developed to replicate the existing modern music industry, and giving you an edge you just won’t find with other music technology courses, this masters programme offers substantial opportunities for collaboration and personalisation, allowing you to work with other students to realise your projects while concentrating on your own specific areas of interest in music production.

During your time at ICMP, you’ll be mentored by superbly experienced tutors. They’ll help you become confident in using the latest industry-standard equipment, and you’ll graduate ready to make your mark in music production.

Short Courses

Part-time music technology courses

ICMP’s part-time music technology courses have been specifically designed for those looking to explore the world of music production with a flexible learning schedule. If you can’t get enough production in your life and would like to build upon your existing knowledge, our short music technology courses will help. Taught in small groups by the same exceptionally talented tutors who take our full-time courses, our part-time courses are a great way to improve your techniques, explore your theoretical knowledge and meet similar-minded music lovers to collaborate with.

We run six-week music production courses teaching the introductory or intermediate technical skills you need to produce songs – like the Introduction to Music Production six-week evening course and the Intermediate Music Production six-week evening course – as well as the part-time Introduction to Ableton Live programme designed for those looking to gain a solid foundation in using the platform. We also offer evening courses, as well as a Music Production Summer School, meaning there’s a flexible course to suit everyone.


Professional Music production Studios

Our music recording studios provide ample opportunity to learn the skills and techniques essential to modern music production, alongside those needed to produce your own projects. These state-of-the-art facilities are available to all students, with a particular emphasis on those who have chosen to study our music technology courses. Best of all, you can use our studios and facilities for course-related projects free-of-charge outside of timetabled hours – seven days a week.

Studios are equipped with a comprehensive range of industry-standard recording and production facilities. Studio 1 – our flagship studio – uses Audient’s celebrated ASP8024 Heritage large format console, while Studio Two comprises our second Audient ASP8024 Heritage desk. You’ll also have access to a comprehensive arsenal of microphones and amps to ensure your hard work sounds just right.


Access to world-class equipment

If you want to be professional, you need access to professional equipment. At ICMP, we’re committed to creating the best teaching and learning environment for students, and this means ensuring the best industry-standard equipment is always readily available, free-of-charge.

You can access many large live performance rooms complete with stages, as well as sound-isolation booths and an impressive range of recording and production facilities. You’ll also receive ongoing access to our electronic music production studio, mobile recording rigs, production booth and recording booths.

We’ve also invested in some of the world’s best musical instrument and backline equipment brands. We have a substantial range of acoustic and electric guitars, basses, drums and microphones too, as well as music production equipment. In fact, our students are able to turn up to study their music technology courses with nearly no equipment and still be able to practice or rehearse almost whenever they like.

Masterclass guests

Learn from the best in the business

At ICMP London, we host regular masterclasses, workshops and clinics with inspirational producers, engineers, performers, artists, session musicians and music entrepreneurs. It means you’ll have the opportunity to learn from talented individuals who have achieved great success, and this is a vital element of our music technology courses.

Previous masterclass guests have included mix engineer, recording engineer, producer and record label owner Andrew Scheps; record producer, mixer and engineer Sylvia Massy; mix engineer and music producer Goetz Botzenhardt; audio engineer, producer and remixer Phil Harding; and producer, mixer and writer Mark Ralph, among others. All of these guests shared indispensable advice and stories to help music technology students transition to the professional arena.

All our masterclasses are free-of-charge to ICMP students and we have many great guests lined up already to visit us throughout the year.