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Logic Pro is one of the most popular Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) used in music production today. Whether you’re completely new to music production or you’ve dabbled a little and are keen to learn more, our 12-week in-person Music Production Basics course will unlock your creativity and introduce you to the wonders of Logic Pro.

Across 12 weeks, you’ll gain a thorough grounding in the theories, techniques and concepts of music production from ICMP’s professional team of industry-active music producer tutors. Using examples of contemporary music to bring music production theories to life, you’ll explore the ins and outs of production workflows, with ongoing chances to produce your own original music and receive feedback on your work.

Learning Outcomes

Enrolling in Music Production Basics with Logic Pro will see you grasp the essentials of the Logic Pro software and learn to navigate the DAW with confidence.

In 12 weeks, you’ll also develop a deep understanding of:

  • The role of the music producer
  • Manipulation of different track types, such as MIDI and audio
  • The composition process
  • Classic music production techniques, such as sampling and beat making

Course Features

Ableton Push machinesKnow Logic Pro
Get familiar with one of the most versatile DAWs in the industry through practical sessions and hands-on experience. 

Beatmaking and SamplingComposition and beat making
Create songs how you want them to be heard, using tried and tested digital music production methods.

music-studio-logo.pngHome recording techniques
Discover the tricks and tips of studio-quality recording at home, taking your creativity to the next level and becoming a more capable recording artist.

Online ResourcesMusic producer toolkit
Explore the full arsenal of music production tools at your fingertips and learn how the world’s top music producers apply them.


Get hands-on with Logic Pro

From Apple loops and FX to plugins and the Quick Sampler, you’ll get to grips with the industry-standard DAW in just 12 short weeks. As you’re guided through Logic Pro – from a basic introduction to more complicated technical features – your expert tutors will encourage you to explore and experiment each week. By the end of your course, you’ll have amassed an impressive body of compositions you can take to the industry.


Course Information: London

  • Start dates:
    • Wednesday 5th June 2024
  • Price: £399
  • Length: 12 weeks
  • When: Tuesdays or Wednesdays 7pm-9pm
  • Location: ICMP's Kilburn campus, London


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Course Information: Liverpool

  • Start dates:
    • Wednesday May 22nd 2024
  • Price: £399
  • Length: 12 weeks
  • When: Wednesdays 7pm-9pm
  • Location: SAE Institute Campus, 38 Pall Mall, Liverpool, L3 6AL


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Is this course for me?

The Music Production Basics with Logic Pro is right for you if:

  • You’re brand new to music production and have never used a DAW before
  • You’ve played around in Logic Pro and would like to learn more
  • You want to kickstart your creativity and music composition skills
  • You’re a musician keen to start arranging music
  • You’re a songwriter looking to record your music


Course Progression

This course is a thorough introduction to the skills and techniques of music production and Logic Pro. The strong foundational knowledge you’ll gain will put you in a perfect position to progress to ICMP’s six-week in-person Music Production and Mixing intermediate-level course.

Other music production courses you might like to consider include:

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Key facts

  • Available in London and Liverpool
  • 12-week course suitable for beginners
  • Access to Logic Pro included
  • Taught in industry-standard Tech Labs
  • £399
  • London
  • 2024 Start Date: 5th June
  • Lessons: Tues or Weds 7 – 9pm
  • Liverpool
  • 2024 Start Dates: 22nd May
  • Lessons: Wednesdays 7 – 9pm

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Week 1 - 6

Week 7 - 12

Weekly modules

Our Music Production Basics course has been designed to give you the essential knowledge you’ll need as a music producer. Each lesson combines theory with practice, so you can really get to know Logic Pro.

Over the first six weeks, you’ll explore the role a producer plays in the music production process. You’ll look at the individual elements of a music track, investigating how tempo, melody and chords can turn music into magic. You’ll also discover ways to get a professional result when recording in a home studio set-up.

Introduction to Production

Prepare for the next 12 weeks with an outline of the goals and topics you’ll cover, and an overview of Logic Pro. You’ll walk through the music production process, from songwriting to delivery, and learn where the role of music producer fits in. You’ll also discuss affordable ways to start producing music from home.

  • Understand the many roles of a music producer
  • Walk through the music production process in its entirety
  • Discover Logic’s Arrange page
  • Use Apple Loops to construct a basic arrangement


Investigate the different sections that make up a song, and the role each section plays in the final arrangement. You’ll create your own arrangement in Logic Pro, following a set song template.

  • Explore common song structures
  • Understand how to use track types and drumbeats in Logic Pro
  • Use Logic’s drummer plugin to create an arrangement

MIDI, Beats and Tempo

Take an intimate look at Musical Instrument Digital Interface, or MIDI. Examine what it is, where it came from and the importance of tempo. Use this knowledge to create a beat in a genre of your choice.

  • Understand the importance of a song’s time signature and how it affects your music
  • Record and edit MIDI in Logic Pro’s Piano Roll
  • Write a beat using Logic’s Ultrabeat Drum Machine drum machine

Music Theory, Melody, Harmony and Chords

Examine scales, chords and keys, and learn how they create rhythm, bass, harmony and melody: the building blocks of every piece of music. You’ll then write a four-chord sequence and edit polyphonic MIDI in Logic Pro’s Piano Roll.

  • Discover how major and minor keys dictate the feel of music 
  • Understand the roles various instruments play in an arrangement
  • Analyse how chords are formed


Recording Audio

Discover how to get the best from a microphone when recording in a home or studio setting – from initial connection to an audio interface, through to editing in Logic Pro.

  • Understand how to connect, set up and record with a microphone
  • Learn how Flex Time can alter the timing and pitch of a take
  • Record a spoken-word composition using folders in Logic Pro

Effects and Buses

Learn what is meant by audio effects (FX), the key FX types, and how to use them. Experiment with the basic FX plugins you can use in Logic Pro.

  • Understand audio effects, including EQ, reverb and delay
  • Explore the concept of buses in a DAW
  • Learn how to load basic plugins and use ‘buses’ to organise effects with FX Sends

Going further with Logic Pro

In the second half of the course, you’ll work with creative tools in Logic Pro to make your music pop. You’ll discover the theory and practice behind techniques including synthesis, sampling, mixing and mastering, creating tracks in Logic Pro with guidance from your on-hand ICMP music producer tutor.

Automation and Groups

Learn how to write and draw automation – crucial for adding movement and narrative to any music track. Build on last week’s introduction to buses with a look at how group buses can make your track come alive.

  • Explore automation methods, including point and click, pencil tool and ‘touch’ mode
  • Understand how FX, automation and groups can be used together
  • Make a track stack and automate effects for a group

Synthesis 101

Discover the world of synthesis, exploring the building blocks of a synth sound and the key parameters which affect it. Examine the most common types of synthesis, listening to a selection of stand-out synth tracks across multiple genres.

  • Examine subtractive, additive and wavetable synthesis
  • Understand oscillators, filters, LFOs and envelopes
  • Design a synth sound from a retro synth patch


Examine the history of sampling across key popular music genres and learn how to use Logic Pro’s sampling tool to add flavour to your music.

  • Listen to tracks where sampling has been used to great effect
  • Understand when sampling works, and when it doesn’t
  • Use Logic Pro’s Quick Sampler and Sampler to create a new hook

Mixing and Compression

Understand the mixing process from the producer’s perspective and its place in the overall production process. Learn how to use compression and other more complex audio effects to produce a better-sounding demo track.

  • Explore the difference between producing and mixing
  • Find out how audio compression works, and why it’s important
  • Learn how to deliver a top-quality music demo

Mastering, Exporting and 'Soft Skills'

Find out what a mastering engineer does and the tips and tricks to make your demos sound cleaner. Learn about the importance of relationships in music production – particularly those with your clients and fellow creators.

  • Understand the difference between mastering and mixing
  • Explore a range of production soft skills, such as organisational and social qualities
  • Deliver a demo using the Logic Pro Limiter and other 2-bus processing tools 

Workshop and Feedback

Watch the past 12 weeks come to life as your tutor shares the story of a track they produced. Then play one of your own tracks to the group, receiving constructive feedback from your tutor and classmates.

  • Gain confidence in sharing your productions
  • Analyse the creative process as you listen to music by your classmates
  • Explore the importance of feedback in identifying areas for improvement


Ability level: Beginner – no previous experience is required to study our Music Production Basics course. All you need is a passion for learning more about the exciting world of music production.



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