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Ableton Live is the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) of choice for many of today’s most celebrated music producers. Whether you’ve been using it for years or are new to music production, across this 12-week course, you’ll gain the experience and know-how necessary to get the most from the platform, as you learn to make music your way. With tuition from renowned Ableton Certified Trainer – Marcello Ruggiu – you’ll become a creative and independent music producer with the drive to bring unique original music to life.


Learning Outcomes

After enrolling on the Complete Ableton Live Course, you’ll explore the vast possibilities of electronic music production in a purpose-built suite, as you gain a solid working knowledge of both Ableton Live and Ableton Push. Over 12 weeks you’ll learn how to:

  • Use Ableton Live to compose music
  • Sample and program your own original beats
  • Use your Ableton Push instrument in a creative and effective way
  • Create your own instrument libraries
  • Mix and master your own tracks
  • Jam with your Ableton Push machine and perform live

You’ll develop strong foundational Ableton skills across the course and, upon completion, will be in an ideal position to progress to ICMP’s six-month Electronic Music Production Industry Course.


Course Features

Ableton Push machinesAbleton Push machines Take your electronic music performances to the next level as you learn to play with Ableton Push hardware, provided by ICMP.

Beatmaking and SamplingBeatmaking and sampling Dive into the world of original beatmaking as you craft your own rhythms and learn to sample sounds from the world around you.

Teaching at ICMPFace-to-face learning at ICMP Meet with your tutor and classmates weekly at our industry-standard Ableton-sponsored live room at ICMP’s Kilburn campus in London.

Online ResourcesOnline resources Build your knowledge at home with online course materials and weekly projects. You can review your lesson topics, chat with your fellow students, digest advanced tips and tricks, and request remote feedback from your tutor.

CertificateCertificate Once you successfully finish all 12 weeks of the course, you’ll receive an ICMP Ableton Live and Ableton Push course certificate for your CV.


Get hands-on with Ableton Push

As you explore Ableton Live in this course, you’ll also start to discover the wonders of the Ableton Push machine. This means you’ll develop your Ableton software skills and hone your performance abilities on Ableton hardware at the same time.

You’ll also propel your creativity on the Push with modules covering sampling and beatmaking, jamming with your tutor and peers, songcraft and arrangements, and a performance workshop on stage in our Performance Studio.


Course information: London

  • Start dates:
    • Coming soon
  • Price: £399
  • Length: 12 weeks
  • When: Tuesdays or Wednesdays , 7pm to 9pm
  • Location: ICMP's Kilburn campus, London


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Course Information: Liverpool

  • Start dates:
    • Coming soon
  • Price: £399
  • Length: 12 weeks
  • When: Tuesdays or Wednesdays 7pm-9pm
  • Location: SAE Institute Campus, 38 Pall Mall, Liverpool


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Your London Tutor: Marcello Ruggiu

Marcello Ruggiu

You’d be hard pressed to find an electronic music producer more qualified than your course writer and tutor, Marcello Ruggiu.

An Ableton Certified Trainer since 2009, Marcello recently received his Ableton Live 11 Certification. He’s been using Ableton Live for both at-home music production and club performances since he was a teenager. He gained many of his music production skills operating and managing recording studios in the UK and Italy.

“Marcello was absolutely amazing as a tutor. He was very detailed in his explanations but also funny, so it made the whole experience really enjoyable.”


Is this course for me?

The Complete Ableton Live Course is perfect for you if...

  • You’re new to Ableton Live
  • You’re want to learn to use Ableton’s Push instrument
  • You’d like to become a music producer
  • You’re keen to learn about beat making and sampling
  • You’d like to learn in industry-standard music production facilities in London
  • You’re thinking of taking our six-month Electronic Music Production course


Course Progression

This course has been designed as a comprehensive introduction to Ableton Live and Ableton Push. Completing it will put you in an ideal position to progress to ICMP’s six-month Electronic Music Production Industry Course.

Electronic Music Production - 6 month industry course

Creative and technical, with a mix of musical theory, our EMP Industry Course is an equally great option whether you’re a relatively new electronic music producer, or looking to expand your existing industry knowledge and deepen your electronic music production skillset.

Across six months of face-to-face learning at ICMP music college, you’ll cover all electronic music production bases as you further build upon your knowledge of using Ableton Live and Push to manipulate rhythm, melody, sound and textural elements. Or if you’d prefer to use another DAW, the skills you learn can be easily applied across multiple platforms.


If you complete our 12-week Complete Ableton Live Course and then decide to progress to our six-month Electronic Music Production course, we’ll deduct £200 off the price of the EMP course…meaning you get the 12-week Complete Ableton Live Course at ICMP Music University for half price!

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Key facts

  • Available in London and Liverpool
  • 12-week industry-relevant course
  • Suitable for beginner and intermediate Ableton users
  • Ableton Push instruments included
  • Only £399
  • London
  • Taught at ICMP’s Ableton Certified Training Centre in London
  • Lessons: Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm
  • Start Date: Coming soon
  • Liverpool
  • Lessons: Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm
  • 2024 Start date: Coming soon

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£200 of free software!

This Ableton course includes free lifetime access to IK Multimedia's amazing software, including T-RackS 5 SE and Amplitube 5 SE.

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Week 1 - 6

Week 7 - 12

Weekly modules

The Complete Ableton Live course has been designed by Marcello Ruggiu and the ICMP music production team to give you the most complete Ableton experience possible over 12 weeks at our industry leading facilities in Kilburn, London.

From sampling and audio FX, to creating presets and crafting a song using Push, you’ll get an impressive overview of all the possibilities Ableton presents, as you take your music production creativity to the next level.

Ableton Live Overview

Explore Ableton Live’s features by first getting to know the Ableton website. You’ll learn where to go if you need help and where to find hardware set-up information and software preferences.

  • Get to know the basics of Ableton Live
  • Become familiar with the Ableton browser
  • Explore help view, info view, session view and arrangement view
  • Discover the Ableton Live interface

Beatmaking with Push

Get creative with your fingers using Ableton Push. In this lesson, you’ll set up headphones, play around with the drum possibilities on Push and begin recording some loops.

  • Explore the Push drums folder
  • Discover library presets
  • Preview and load drums
  • Experiment with the drum features on Push
  • Record loops and short patterns

Sampling Techniques

Learn the basics of sampling and experiment using the Ableton Push. You’ll cover the history of sampling and will turn theory into practice as you try different sampling techniques for yourself.

  • What is sampling?
  • Explore sampling techniques throughout history
  • Learn how to drag and drop samples
  • Practice sampling using the Push

Sampling and Production

Turn your sample concepts into musical reality as you spend your class time playing with Push using the samplers you programmed earlier. Your tutor Marcello will guide you and offer solutions as you put your sampling theory into practice.

  • Experiment with sampling concepts
  • Get creative with your sampling
  • Receive tutor support and feedback

Audio FX

Learn how to apply audio effects to a range of instruments as you explore how easily sounds can be modified. Your tutor Marcello will present some common audio effect techniques for instruments including the drums, guitar, bass, synths and vocals. You’ll then experiment on your own by applying audio FXs to your own compositions.

  • What is an audio effect?
  • Discover reverb and delays in practice
  • Explore audio FX workflows

FX and Composition

Further explore audio effects as Marcello presents distortion, modulations and unconventional audio effects. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and apply what you’ve learned so far in practice.

  • Understanding distortion, modulations and unconventional effects
  • Send and returns
  • Applying multiple effects in practice

Going further with Ableton Live

In the second half of this course, you'll explore how to craft a song using Ableton Live in more detail. You'll find out how to use synthesisers to create a song and get to know Ableton's vast instrument library, including making your own.

Towards the end of the course, you'll share your song with the class, giving you the chance to showcase the skills you've learnt with feedback from your tutor and peers, ahead of a performance in our studio to help build your confidence.


Song arrangement

This week, you’ll delve into song structure and learn how to bring a project into an song arrangement. You’ll also explore how to beat creative blocks and cover basic mixing techniques.

Be shown:

  • How to export a song
  • Introduction to mixing
  • Session view on Push
  • Mixer view on Push
  • How to create a small live jam session
  • How to record on arrangement
  • How to drag and drop from session view to arrangement

Synthesisers and Instruments

For homework this week, you’ll create a new song using only synthesised sources. To do this, Marcello will break down the differences and similarities between synths and samplers, cover basic subtractive synthesis with wavetable, and explore how to choose between synthesised sources or sampled sources.

  • Understand when to use synths vs samplers
  • Explore basic subtractive synthesis
  • Become familiar with the Ableton instruments library

Creating Presets and Custom Libraries

Learn how to use the instruments you’ve saved and collected to create a new composition. In class, you’ll present your instruments and share the files and techniques you used with others in the class.

  • Explore the Ableton user library
  • Learn how to save a new preset in the user library
  • Discover the hotswap and save buttons
  • Save a project with collect and save
  • Export and backup a song

Crafting a Song

As a class, you’ll agree on four songs you’d like to analyse. Marcello will examine the different elements and share the techniques used to create similar results. He’ll also arrange a simple song in session view and print the arrangement using automations.

  • Analyse compositions on different styles
  • Golden ears except use???
  • Translate what you hear into an Ableton Live project template
  • Make a cover song of your choice

Song Sharing and Feedback Session

In this penultimate week of the course, you’ll present your final track to the class. You’ll share the techniques you used and receive feedback from both Marcello and your peers. For homework, you’ll action this feedback.

  • Present your track to the class
  • Apply class feedback
  • Provide feedback on the music of classmates

Advanced Ableton Live and Push Performance Workshop

Perform your Ableton Live composition to Marcello and your fellow students on stage in ICMP’s Performance Studio. You’ll get to show your classmates just how far you’ve come on the Ableton Push instrument in 12 short weeks!

  • Ableton Push performance
  • Improve your performance and improvisation skills
  • Build your confidence


Ability Level: Beginner - no previous experience is required in order to enrol on this course. We'll show you the skills you need to excel with using Ableton Live and Push.


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