It’s not too late to apply to study at ICMP through UCAS.

You can still apply through the UCAS system,  but applications will now be automatically entered into Clearing.

Clearing is for you if you've held off applying, your results haven't been what you expected or you didn't receive offers from your preferred universities. 

UCAS Clearing 2022 is now open!

Open Days - 5th &19th August

Come and see for yourself why hundreds of students choose ICMP as the starting point for their music careers. Meet our team and current students, tour our buildings and have all of your questions answered. 

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What is Clearing? 

Clearing helps UK undergraduate students, who have not yet confirmed a university place, to find a suitable course.

Every UK university will be running some kind of Clearing service.

UK students applying to study through UCAS may go through Clearing if their results are different from their predicted grades, they've changed their minds since making their initial choices or they've started their UCAS application after 5th July 2022.

Clearing sounds complicated but in reality it is three simple stages:

  • Researching courses.
  • Contacting universities.
  • Auditioning for a place
  • Confirming your offer on UCAS Track.

Clearing is particularly relevant to students who don’t achieve the grades they need for their initial UCAS choices. This is typically learned on A-Level Results Day, this year Thursday 18th August 2022. It means any remaining places will fill up quickly from this date.

After Clearing opens, it's a good idea to start contacting universities as soon as you have your results.

ICMP Clearing Hotline: 020 7604 2336

Not feeling chatty? No problem, our team are also available to answer questions on 'live chat' (below), or via email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Don't miss out, get in touch today. 

Ask Questions?

When you contact universities about clearing places, it's important not to feel panicked or rushed into making decisions.

This is your opportunity to ask questions and make sure the choice is right for you and your career aspirations. Some questions to consider when studying music would be:

  • How big are the class sizes?
  • What access to practice/rehearsal facilities will I have access too?
  • How will I be supported academically and if I were to have any personal issues?
  • How will my music career goals be supported?
  • How does the audition process work?


We advise you to be wary of any schools offering places without auditioning students. Auditions are a crucial part of the application process to ensure you are guided to the right course of studies. But most importantly for you, they provide the opportunity for you to meet the tutors, get feedback on your playing, discuss your goals and ask any further questions.

ICMP auditions take place in a relaxed and supportive environment, so are nothing to be feared. Our friendly Admissions Team are on hand to guide you and help you prepare to ace your audition!

Don't be daunted by the Clearing process. If you've found a course you'd like to study, the next step is to have a chat with our Admissions team. They're here to guide you through every step of the process and also available to help you make the right choice if you're struggling to choose between courses.

Call 020 7604 2336 to start.

Not feeling chatty? No problem, the team are also available to answer questions via live chat, email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Don't miss out, get in touch today. 

Courses available through Clearing 

Every year our courses fill up fast. We're a small school and don't compromise our standards or reputation by over-filling classes.

We currently have spaces available for courses starting September 2022. Course details are available to view here on our website and can also be found on the UCAS website (the information is the same).

Please call our Clearing Team on 020 7604 2336 for information and advice on our latest course availability or to book your Audition. 

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Discover your place in the music industry

Discover your place in the music industry with ICMP 

We’d love for you to join us here at ICMP for your future studies and wanted to remind you that our courses are all focused on preparing musicians, songwriters, producers, performers, creative artists and entrepreneurs for a successful and rewarding career in the music industry.  

ICMP offers students a unique personalised learning approach, with small class sizes, a high number of teaching contact hours, an educational experience that’s tailored to you, and dynamic use of technology in the classroom. 

And did you know that within six months of completing their studies, over 94%* of our students are in employment or further education and the average salary of ICMP graduates is £24,000, which is £5,000 higher than other UK music students.** With courses filling-up fast, now's the time to secure your place at ICMP London and take the next steps towards your music career.  

*Destinations of Leavers from HE (DLHE) Survey - UK domiciled undergraduate leavers 2016/17 | ** DLHE 2017

Brand New for September

Campus Developments

Last year we open our spectacular new studios in our Queen's Park Campus, this year we're excited to open the second phase of this development! This will include a brand new student canteen, further production rooms and tech labs, and our very own live music venue! Read about what you can expect in September here.

Join us for an Open Day to view our facilities for yourself, it's also now possible to take a VR tour of our buildings and you can even be guided around 'live' by one of our team - just reach out to us on our Live Chat.

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Course Fees

Affordable Course Fees

Taking a music degree course at ICMP makes financial sense too, with the fees for ICMP music degrees the same as any traditional universities and all eligible for UK student loans too.

Our Finance Team are on hand to help guide you through the process of accessing student loans. If you have any questions relating to financing your studies, our Finance team can be reached on +44 (0)20 7604 2465 or via email at 

Fees and Finance