Want to take your music production skills to the next level?

ICMP has been developing and delivering contemporary music education for over 30 years – longer than any other music college in London or the UK. We’re committed to providing a focused, real-world music production education for our students.

We pride ourselves on our personalised approach to student engagement, regular face to face support, dynamic use of technology in the classroom, small class sizes and high number of teaching contact hours – advantages you just won’t find to the same extent at any other modern music school.

Our tailored approach to learning music production means we really get to know you as a creative artist and producer. We’ll provide an educational experience that’s built around you, and will work with you to nurture your raw talent, explore your future ambitions, and provide ongoing opportunities for you to collaborate in the studio with writers, other producers, engineers, artists and musicians.

We understand that each and every student will have different career motivations and your view of ‘success’ will be unique, so we encourage you to follow your own individual pathway. At ICMP, your future is in your hands, and you’ll graduate feeling confident and inspired, with the skills, networking connections, assurance and head start you need to propel your career as a creative music producer forward.

Taking a music technology degree course at ICMP makes financial sense too, with the fees for ICMP music production courses significantly less than those at many traditional universities, and, also much lower than other UK music education providers - making studying music at ICMP great value as well as great fun.

So why not immerse yourself in music at ICMP London? It’s the ultimate space to learn, question and discover your place in the music industry.

ICMP Music Production Courses

Those wishing to study a three-year degree in music production can choose from:  

Our music production undergraduate degree courses are also available as one-year Cert He programmes too. 

We also offer a postgraduate Music Production masters course – the MA Creative Music Production – which can be undertaken as either one-year full-time or two-year part-time study.

Those looking for shorter, more specialist courses could consider our six-month courses covering Electronic Dance Music Production, Music Production and Sound Engineering  or our Post-production Sound for Film, Game and TV.

You can also attend regular music production evening courses, alongside courses covering Ableton Live and Logic Pro. Each summer, we run an intensive five-day Music Production Summer School which provides the perfect opportunity to spend a week learning how to create your own music using either Ableton Live or Logic Pro, alongside this we also host a Mixing and Sound Engineering Summer School each year.

Developing your skills

ICMP Music Production classes

As a music producer at ICMP, you’ll have the opportunity to cover a broad spectrum of contemporary music education subjects, such as audio engineering, digital music production, creative live sound production and music for the media. You’ll also learn how the wider music industry works and how you can monetise your product – all essential skills in preparing you for an exciting career in the music industry.

You’ll become part of the ICMP music production community and will be challenged to collaborate, create and network with artists, writers, creatives, musicians and music business entrepreneurs, both through your studies and via extra-curricular activities – helping you to develop your own creative voice as a writer and producer.

As an ICMP student, you’ll have access to a diverse range of industry-standard equipment, such as our Audient and Soundcraft studios featuring outboard and plug-ins by UAD, as well as our variety of pre-production rooms featuring DAWs, large diaphragm capacitor mics and boutique synths by Roland, Novation and Moog.

Music Production Studios

Professional Music Production Studios

At ICMP you'll have access to multiple studios. Studio 1 based at ICMP,  utilises Audient’s renowned ASP8024 Heritage large format console. The desk has been configured with two producer panels to mount Avid’s Artist digital control surface and our bespoke side-car includes classic outboard such as UAD’s 6176 Vintage Channel Strip and Lexicon’s PCM-90 FX processor. Audio monitoring is taken care of by Focal’s stunning Trio6 Be (with Focus Mode, essentially giving you two speakers in one) and the classic Yamaha NS-10Ms for the stereo image. The room also has the Audient 5.1 expansion pack powering a complete 5.1 monitoring system from Genelec.Industry standard production software includes Pro Tools HD, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, alongside over sixty UAD powered plug-ins, Antares Auto-Tune and Celemony’s Melodyn. The control room adjoins two dedicated recording booths and a large live room containing a drum kit, boutique backline and Yamaha U1 acoustic piano. Head to our Queen's Park campus page to view our impressive new recording studios.

Industry Tutors

ICMP Industry Tutors

ICMP’s highly professional teaching faculty is made up of experienced and recognised hit producers, qualified teachers and accomplished academics. Our team have helped to shape the face of contemporary music production and are ready to give generous amounts of their time to energise and inspire you. They’re all active and focused experts in their field, keen to pass their wisdom and knowledge of the ever-changing music production landscape onto you.

Above all, they’ll work hard to build and sustain a creative and entrepreneurial community which will identify emerging talent and, ultimately, support you and your classmates as the music industry’s next generation of professional music producers.

International Reach

ICMP’s International Reach

ICMP is the most international place to receive a music industry education in the UK. You’ll study and connect with students from all around the world. This global culture of diversity and hub of varied musical styles forms a truly unique musical tribe, making for stimulating learning experiences, thought-provoking classroom discussions and remarkable worldwide networking opportunities.

On top of this, ICMP has a genuinely international outlook as a music education provider, partnering with a range of prestigious, global academic institutes including the Vienna Music Institute, ATLA in Paris, University of Southern California, the Los Angeles College of Music, the London School of Fashion, and Rockacademie in the Netherlands.