BA (Hons) Creative Musicianship

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocal, Songwriting, Other instrument

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The BA Creative Musicianship course is a practical, highly creative degree which aims to identify and explore your unique ‘creative voice’, while giving you the skills necessary to become a successful music industry creative artist.

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Higher Diploma in Music Performance

Bass, Drums, Vocal, Guitar

ICMP’s Higher Diploma in Music Performance is an intensive one year course which allows you to develop your performance ability, musical vocabulary and creativity alongside like-minded performers, helping you to become a capable and well-rounded musician.

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London is the iconic backdrop to this one-year course in music performance. So, while your skills are sharpened in famous studios and masterclasses, the city’s musical heritage and diverse music scene will also shape you into the artist you want to become.

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Masters (MMus) in Popular Music Performance

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocal

ICMP’s (MMus) Masters in Music Performance is a vibrant one-year postgraduate music course which combines the development of advanced performance, musicianship and instrumental talents with innovative academic skills, such as critical thinking, research and independent learning.

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BMus (Hons) Popular Music Performance

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocal

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The BMus Popular Music Performance degree uses personalised learning, creative collaboration and peer feedback to allow you to reach a very high technical standard, while developing a career as a well-rounded and multi-faceted musician.

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Cert HE Creative Musicianship

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocal, Other instrument

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On ICMP’s one-year CertHE Creative Musicianship course, you’ll explore your unique ‘creative voice’ as a musician, and will learn the skills needed to launch a successful career in the music industry as a self-producing artist.

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Performance Summer School

Bass, Drums, Guitar, Vocal

ICMP’s music performance summer school provides the opportunity to learn, create and play with like-minded music lovers, through live performance and inspirational teaching in our fantastic London facilities. Book now and start looking forward to making great music this summer!

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Bass Courses

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Whether you are a young musician just starting out, a student looking to progress, or a gigging musician with years of experience, we have a course for you.

Our offer runs from part-time and short courses, through Diploma, to undergraduate and post-graduate study, so whatever your level of experience, knowledge and skills or skill level we offer a programme which will suit you.


We provide a range of  bass courses, both full time and part time, for bass players keen to improve their skills and knowledge and take their playing and performing to the next level.

For more than 30 years, ICMP has been supporting great bass players as they develop their talents and build successful careers in the industry. 

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At the ICMP we ensure that only the best practitioners, educators and professionals teach on our courses. So by choosing an ICMP course, you can be sure that you will have access to the best and most inspirational teaching to help you achieve your personal goals.

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