ICMP has welcomed students from the Grooveland Music school in Reggio Emilia in Italy. 

The trip was hosted by Luca Pellizzaro from the Hub Academy in Montecchio Maggiore with 10 students joining. 

Students started the week with a workshop and masterclass from Amy Winehouse collaborator Xantone Blacq working on song structure, arrangements and harmony, then continued with BA Creative Musicianship Tutor Erika Footman (Mika/Skunk Anansie) on refining their approach to lyrics and melody. 


The next day featured rehearsals and pre-production with Ace, ICMP's Head of Industry Partnerships and Business Development and Skunk Anansie guitarist, in our live rooms followed by a recording session in the main studio of ICMP's Kilburn's campus

The third day saw them overdubbing in the studio with special guest Gavin Holligan co-producing and also making a music video filmed and directed by Luca. 


On the last day, students spent time mixing and mastering the track they worked on in Kilburn's Audient studio. 

Ace said:

Our connection with our Italian schools is a really valuable exchange of education, excitement and fun that ICMP can offer for the students to get a great feel of ICMP and the London music scene we are embedded within."


"We also have a great Italian community here of students and staff which really adds to a welcoming and enjoyable experience."


The whole week saw the creation of a song from start to finish in ICMP Kilburn. It was also a great London experience for students going out in the evening to enjoy the summer nightlife.

Students from Grooveland Music will return in December for the London Music Weekend where ICMP will host students from five Italian schools for performance lessons and masterclass events.