Part-time music courses that match your lifestyle!

Our six-week part-time music courses for beginners have been specially developed for those who want to explore specific musical disciplines including drums, vocals, electric guitar, music production and songwriting, and who need a flexible learning schedule. If you have a passion for music, but would like to take your musical knowledge further, our music short courses are taught in small groups and a great way to develop your playing ability and musical techniques, improve your theoretical knowledge and collaborate with like-minded music lovers.

Over the 6 weeks you'll have access to a dedicated ICMP tutor to support your learning.  ICMP’s part-time music courses are taught by the same highly esteemed tutors who take our full-time courses. They’re all experienced musicians who’ve shaped the face of the music business across their careers, and are ready to inspire, energise and pass their extensive knowledge of the music industry onto you. They’ll work hard to support and encourage you throughout your learning journey and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn from them, gaining important feedback and advice along the way.


Course length: 

6 Weeks

Available start dates: 
• Tuesday 10th April 2018
• Tuesday 29th May 2018

ICMP London

£199  (includes student materials pack, supporting audio and course tuition)


If you need help or further advice just contact our Admissions team who will be happy to assist you.

By phone: 020 8038 6019

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Singing Lessons

Introduction to Vocals

The Introduction to Vocals part-time music course provides an introduction to the voice as an instrument, studying its role in music and the basic technical skills needed to sing and perform songs. You’ll also cover the fundamentals of theory, technique and concepts, making reference to contemporary music examples, and will develop basic ensemble skills, understand breathing and warm-ups, gain confidence in your singing and will be able to perform competently as part of a band, gaining a small repertoire of songs by the end of the six-week course.

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Music Production Lessons

Introduction to Music Production

The Introduction to Music Production course provides an overview of how to produce music and the basic technical skills needed to produce songs. By completing this course you'll be able to use Logic X fluently to build and arrange a song. Be able to programme using MIDI and samples, and be able to record vocals and guitars in a home recording environment. You'll also  become aware of the art and practice of mixing.



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Songwriting lessons

Introduction to Songwriting

The Introduction to Songwriting course offers tuition on the craft of writing songs and includes an introductory theoretical analysis of songwriting content, style, genre, song structure, harmony, melody, creating arrangements and lyric writing. You’ll be set weekly tasks by your expert ICMP songwriting tutor to help translate the theory you learn into practice. You’ll receive constructive feedback on all your efforts and will also get to attend special songwriting workshops at ICMP.

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Electric Guitar Lessons

Introduction to Electric Guitar

On the Introduction to Electric Guitar course, you’ll learn the basic techniques and musical theory required to develop a solid foundation for playing this incredible instrument. By the end of the six-week course, you’ll understand the notes on the guitar neck, will be able to play basic strumming patterns, will have learnt about pentatonic and major scales, will be able to play open position and barre chords, and will have developed a small repertoire of songs which you’ll be able to perform competently as part of a band.

Next course start date: Tuesday 10th April 2018

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Drumming Lessons

Introduction to Drums

On the Introduction to Drums course, you’ll learn about the drum kit, its role in music and learn the basic technical skills needed to play songs. By the end of the six-week course, you'll be able to setup and adjust the drum kit,  play basic drum rudiments, keeping a steady  beat and  good time. You'll also know how to embellish a groove with improvised fills around the kit and be able to perform competently as part of a band.

Next course start date: Tuesday 10th April 2018

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