ICMP’s Intermediate Vocals course is ideal if you already have some singing experience or have recently completed our Introduction to Vocals course. Across six weeks, you’ll develop your singing talents and expand your vocal knowledge on your journey towards becoming a unique, versatile and confident performer.  

You’ll explore the voice in both a technical and practical context, gaining a more thorough understanding of how vocal anatomy can enrich your singing ability. You’ll discover simple techniques to keep your voice healthy, and learn to embellish songs with different vocal stylings as you improve your confidence and enhance your stage presence. 

This part-time evening course is taught in person at ICMP’s Kilburn campus. You’ll sing each week – on your own, as part of an ensemble and, at the end of the course, accompanied by a live session band. After each performance, you’ll receive personalised professional feedback from your ICMP vocal tutor and peers. 


Learning outcomes 

During our Intermediate Vocals course, you’ll learn to think of your voice as an instrument, as you explore the tools you need to keep it finely tuned. 

After six weeks, you’ll be a more confident performer with a thorough understanding of how to: 

  • Enhance your relationship with your voice through a knowledge of vocal anatomy  
  • Develop bespoke vocal warmups  
  • Perform basic harmony and blending in an ensemble  
  • Embellish your songs using creative stylistic techniques 
  • Incorporate storytelling into your performance  
  • Perform with a confident stage presence  



VoiceCare for your voice Learn to look after your voice with practical exercises to help you warm up and cool down.


ImproveImprove your vocal qualities Get an impressive knowledge of colour, register and style as you strengthen these unique elements of your voice.


PerformPerform as an ensemble Explore how to create and blend your vocal timbre and harmonies, with in-class group performance exercises.


JamJam as a band Improve your performance confidence by singing a track of your choice from a selected list with a live session band.


 'Thanks again for giving me confidence. I’m glad I did the course- it were so good and professional."


Increase your knowledge of the voice in this highly practical six-week course. Get hands on exploring more advanced vocal concepts as you delve into the techniques and styles used by today’s professional singers. 

Each week, you’ll experiment creatively in small groups with your fellow vocalists and regularly perform your favourite songs as a solo singer. By the end of the course, you’ll be impressed with your powerful new voice and excited to show others exactly what it’s made of. 

The Intermediate part-time Vocals course will see you extend your knowledge of the human voice as an instrument in both a theoretical and practical context. You’ll explore a range of styles, techniques and genres by singing in small groups with other vocalists and performing as a lead solo singer, you will learn tactics to help overcome performance anxiety and you will work on your stage presence. At the end of the six-week course period, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a unique, creative, versatile and confident performer.


Course information

  • Start dates: Coming Soon
  • Price: £199
  • Length: 6 weeks
  • When: Wednesdays evenings , 7pm to 9pm
  • Location: ICMP's Kilburn campus, London


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YOUR TUTOR: Anna Lena Delger

BMus (Hons) Popular Music Performance tutor Anna-Lena (Anni) Delger is a choral conductor, singer and music educator based in London.

She holds a degree in music education from the Music University Detmold (Germany), inspired by her years of experience with choirs, vocal ensembles and singing students.

Anna-Lena has extensive experience directing, mentoring and conducting choirs of different age groups and genre-focuses, focussing on a-cappella ensembles. As part of the German jazz and pop choir ‘Pop-Up’, she won two first prizes at the ‘German Choir Competition’, as well as at ‘The International Chamber Choir Competition in 2014, Pop-Up was singing as the background choir for The Rolling Stones.

Is this course for me?

The Intermediate Vocals evening course is perfect for you if...

  • You already have some experience performing as a vocalist 
  • You’d like to perform with a band  
  • You’re keen to explore singing with an ensemble or choir  
  • You want more confidence on stage   
  • You’ve completed our Introduction to Vocals evening course and would like to broaden your knowledge 



Course Progression

The techniques you’ll learn on this six-week course will grow your knowledge and vocal skills, and help you sing with presence, confidence and versatility. 

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Key facts

  • Duration: 6-week evening course
  • Location: Taught at ICMP’s industry-standard facilities
  • Day/Time: Wednesday evenings, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Start date: Coming Soon
  • Level: Intermediate- Ideal follow up to Introduction to Vocals course
  • Cost: £199


Weeks 1 – 6 

Weekly Modules

Our Intermediate Vocals course will provide you with the tools, tips and techniques to take your talent for singing to the next level. You’ll analyse the unique qualities of your voice, and learn the effect vocal colour, balance and style can have on your music.  Throughout the course, you’ll sing solo, as part of an ensemble and with a live session band. You’ll receive high-quality, personal feedback to help your performance technique improve week on week.  By the end of the six weeks, your confidence will soar as you learn to become a gifted and skillful creative performer. 

Your voice: breath, body and sound

Prepare for the next six weeks by studying the relationship between your body and your voice. Learn how fundamentals like posture and muscle tension can impact the quality of your singing, and arm yourself with vocal wellbeing techniques such as breathing, warmups and vocalising. 

  • Agree your goals for the next six weeks  
  • Establish the key principles behind a healthy singing voice  
  • Practise exercises to help keep your voice safe and well  

Vocal balance: Negotiating registers

Understand the methods and techniques used to ensure a smooth vocal transition when singing across your vocal register and through a passaggio or vocal break. Discover the difference between balance and colour, and know when to use them to achieve the perfect vocal blend. 

  • Learn how to move effortlessly across your registers 
  • Explore different vocal set-ups for effective storytelling  
  • Demonstrate register changes in a group performance 

Vocal Colour: Exploring choices

Define what is meant by vocal colour, and identify the choices in your vocal toolkit that can impact a song’s performance style. Discover how managing your posture can alter the creative effects of a song, and experiment with dynamic sounds like the cry, sob, and lower and higher larynx positioning techniques.  

  • Explore the unique elements that make up your vocal toolkit 
  • Understand how your technical vocal choices can impact a song creatively  
  • Confidently integrate dynamic sounds into your performance   

Pop Styling Techniques

Broaden your awareness of pop vocal styling. Identify the typical sounds and stylistic techniques of contemporary pop songs and demonstrate them to the class with a performance.  

  • Recognise basic pop sounds like vocal fry, flips and breathy onsets 
  • Learn to create these styles in your own voice   
  • Perform basic pop stylistic techniques within a song   

Telling the story: Performance Techniques

Discover the importance of storytelling in the context of performance. Learn to emotionally connect your voice to a song’s lyrics to enhance its meaning, and understand how body language and eye contact can further strengthen your storytelling. 

  • Explore how stylistic choices in the voice can improve your performance  
  • Experiment with eye contact and body language on stage  
  • Bring the story of a song to life in a practical exercise  

Performing Confidence

Build vocal and performance confidence by adapting techniques from previous lessons and making them your own. Understand how the technical choices you make will impact your creative performance.  

  • Learn confidence-boosting techniques for your warmups and practice routines 
  • Explore how technique and performance mutually reinforce each other  
  • Enjoy a final course performance with a live session band 


Ability Level: Intermediate – students must have successfully completed ICMP’s part-time Introduction to Vocals course or be able to demonstrate previous singing experience to our Admissions team.


If you need help or further advice about our part-time music courses or have an enquiry about singing lessons in London, please contact our Admissions team who will be happy to assist you.

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