Our in-person  Introduction to Vocals music course  provides a supportive and encouraging introduction to using your voice as an instrument. Across six weeks, you’ll explore the key skills needed to build a healthy and robust contemporary music voice. 

At ICMP’s professional music facilities in London’s Kilburn, you’ll cover the fundamentals of vocal technique across both solo and group singing, and will receive regular professional feedback on your vocals when performing songs of your choice.  

Each lesson will take you on a journey to build a foundational vocal tool kit – from breathing exercises and vocal warmups to performance confidence methods and beyond. 

You’ll explore the techniques used by the music industry’s top vocalists by analysing a variety of contemporary music examples, such as work by Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Adele and more. 

Learning outcomes 

In our Introduction to Vocals evening course, you’ll discover the fundamental principles for building an effective vocal technique as you learn to sing and perform with confidence. 

Across the six weeks, you’ll explore: 

  • The relationship between your body and your voice 
  • Warmup exercises to prepare your voice for singing 
  • Basic ensemble skills  
  • How to optimise your unique singing voice 
  • How to perform with confidence 
  • A small repertoire of songs 



DevelopDevelop your voice Optimise your unique voice and learn to sing freely using a range of professional vocal techniques.


PerformPerform confidently Improve your musicality and performance skills with regular on-stage opportunities.


EquipmentUse professional equipment Showcase your songs using professional performance equipment in our industry-standard studios.


FeedbavkReceive personalised feedback Progress your vocal abilities with personal singing feedback from ICMP’s professional music tutors.



From the very basics of healthy singing, including posture, breathing and muscle tension release, to musical techniques such as timing, phrasing, pitching, tuning and tone, you’ll get hands on with the essentials of vocal performance in just six short weeks.  

Your expert ICMP vocal tutors will guide you through the course content, supporting you at every step, and will encourage you and your fellow students to experiment creatively each week. By the end of the six weeks, you’ll have developed an impressive foundational knowledge of singing and will be ready to perform with confidence. 

Course information

  • Start dates:
    • Tuesday April 16th 2024
    • Tuesday 4th June 2024
  • Price: £199
  • Length: 6 weeks
  • When: Tuesday Evenings , 7pm to 9pm
  • Location: ICMP's Kilburn campus, London


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Hailing from the West Midlands to study Popular Music Performance (Vocals) at Tech Music School in 2013, Sacha has since acquired a First Class Degree and has been heavily involved in the Music Industry for the past 9 years. She regularly performs at some of London’s top live music venues with some of the cities’ finest musicians.

She has written and recorded backing vocals for artists such as RATBOY and has performed with pop artist - Tom Aspaul for over 2 years - together they’ve performed at prestigious venues around the UK such as Birmingham Symphony Hall, The Dome, Mighty Hoopla and various Pride Main stages around Europe.


Is this course for me?

The Introduction to vocals evening course is perfect for you if...

  • You’re new to singing but have a passion for music 
  • You’ve sung before but never had formal training  
  • You’d like to perform in front of others 
  • You’re looking for supportive feedback on your singing 
  • You’d like to learn about the voice as an instrument 



Course Progression

This course is a solid introduction to the techniques and skills used in singing and vocal development. The knowledge you’ll have gained after six weeks will put you in an ideal position to progress to ICMP’s six-week in-person Intermediate Vocals evening course. 

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Key facts

  • Duration: 6-week course suitable for beginners
  • Location: Taught at ICMP’s industry-standard facilities
  • Lessons: Tuesday evenings 7- 9pm
  • Starts: Tuesday April 16th 2024, Tuesday 4th June 2024.
  • Cost: £199


Weeks 1 - 6

Our Introduction to Vocals course will help you find and nurture your unique singing voice. As well as learning performance techniques to build confidence and develop your sound, you’ll discover how to keep your voice healthy for the future.    Over six weeks, you’ll explore the elements that make a great singer. You’ll cover vocal warmups to better prepare your voice, breathing techniques to help manage tricky lyrics, and confidence-boosting methods so you’ll handle high notes with ease.  

Finding your voice

Understand the unique qualities of your voice and how to develop them, while keeping your instrument healthy, safe and free. Learn techniques to help with performance such as posture, muscle tension and breathing, and prepare your voice using warmups and vocalising exercises. 

  • Examine what makes your voice unique  
  • Learn to prepare your voice to enhance your performance 
  • Understand the relationship between your body and your voice  

Free your spine, free your voice

Discover how your posture impacts your performance. Identify the unique habits you use to hold yourself and see how they may be affecting your singing. Get tips on how to free your spine to help free your voice.  

  • Assess your personal posture habits 
  • Explore the impact posture can have on your performance  
  • Break bad posture habits and build positive ones  

Balancing your breath

Learn how to optimise your breathing to control your voice and manage your singing. Improve your breath work and incorporate these techniques into your vocal approach.  

  • Discover Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract (SOVT) techniques  
  • Practise feeling a slow steady outflow of air  
  • Seamlessly integrate breathing techniques into your performance  

Locking into rhythm

Explore different ways to maintain rhythm and stay in time while your perform. Build your awareness of timing and phrasing when you sing by practising over a backing track. 

  • Build accuracy of rhythm  
  • Perform phrases with accurate timing  
  • Move and click to the beat while singing 

Tuning in

Hone your awareness of tuning in singing, and practise techniques to improve your pitching. Learn to perform each phrase of a song with accurate tuning. 

  • Explore techniques to improve your pitching accuracy  
  • Build confidence in tuning as you perform 
  • Undertake ‘pitch darts’ exercises with your classmates  

Playing with vocal colour

Understand what is meant by darker and brighter vocal tones and explore how to embody them in your singing. Learn to integrate different tones, such as cries, twangs and sobs, in vocal exercises and performances.  

  • Identify your voice’s unique tonal qualities 
  • Learn to raise, lower and stretch the larynx to affect your voice’s colour   
  • Add a richness and depth to your singing 


Ability level: Beginner. No previous experience is required to study our Introduction to Vocals six-week evening course. All you need is a love of singing and a desire to find your voice.


If you need help, or further advice about our part time music courses or have a enquiry about singing lessons in London please contact our Admissions team who will be happy to assist you. 

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