Here at ICMP we love hearing the latest releases from our student and graduate artists and do everything we can to help promote these.

Our Music Careers and Industry Liaison Team, known within ICMP as 'The Hub', actively support and nurture all of the artists that come through ICMP and are responsible for selecting our weekly 'Spotlight' track. 

We hope you enjoy this selection and encounter new artists that strike a chord with your tastes.  

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If you're an ICMP student or graduate keep in touch, let us know what you're up to and how things are going by emailing And don't forget, our careers and industry liaison team at The Hub continue to be available to you after graduation, providing advice and connections to help further your career.

Thomas Ashby

15th January 2018
'Look Up' 

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Jess Simmons

8th January 2018
'Fell To The Ground' 

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18th December 2018

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Beautiful Thing

11th December2018

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3rd December 2018
'Fish Frenzy' 

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Paul Usher

27th November 2018
'Jesus Is A Preston Boy' 

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Moon Panda

20th November 2018

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13th November 2018

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The Hemingways

6th November 2018
'Want It All' 

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Heist at Five

30th October 2018
'Finish What You Started' 

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Daniel Jacklin

23rd October 2018

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Paulo Post Future

16th October 2018
'Nothing Happens' 

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9th October 2018
'Empty Quarter' 

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2nd October 2018
'Come Back' 

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Yazmyn Hendrix

25th September 2018
'Better Days' 

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18th September 2018
'Gotta Let Go' 

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Shakila K

11th September 2018
'The Mask Is Always On' 

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Amy Darling

4th September 2018
'Rock'n'Roll Woman' 

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Edge of the Possibility

28th August 2018

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Grace Kim

21st August 2018
'You Make Me Believe' 

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Lee Rahn

14th August 2018
'What Kind of World' 

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Disco Hue

7th August 2018
'Can't Be Mine' 

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Karel & XoJani

31st July 2018

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Sophie Steinchen

23rd July 2018
'Honey Instead of Wine' 

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Will Caminada

17th July 2018
'Ocean Flows' 

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Bronte Clare

10th July 2018
'Mellow Wednesdays' 

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Brooke Law

3rd July 2018
'Fight Like a Mother' 

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Heren Wolf | ICMP Spotlight Artist

Heren Wolf

26th June 2018

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The Stay Club

19th June 2018

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Panic Island

12th  June 2018
‘Kiss America’

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The Gulps

5th June 2018
'Someone Like You' 

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29th May 2018
'All Yours' 

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Kate Lomas | ICMP Spotlight Artist

Kate Lomas

22nd May 2018
'Sweet Strange Days' 

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Maeve | ICMP Spotlight


15th May 2018

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Eneli | ICMP Spotlight Artist


8th May 2018
'Follow Me' 

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At The Sun | ICMP Spotlight Artist

At The Sun

1st May 2018

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Pale Canvas | ICMP Spotlight Artist

Pale Canvas

17th  April 2018

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Rival Karma | ICMP Spotlight Artist

Rival Karma

3rd April 2018

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Reckless Jacks | ICMP Spotlight Artist

Reckless Jacks

10th April 2018
'Guide You In The Dark' 

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Sully Gravity | ICMP Spotlight

Sully Gravity

6th March 2018
‘Lessons (epokhe pt. I)’

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Moncrieff | ICMP Spotlight Artist


27th March 2018

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Aislin Evans | ICMP Spotlight Artist

Aislin Evans

20th March 2018
'Feel About You' 

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Alessandro Ciminata | ICMP Spotlight Artist

Alessandro Ciminata

13th March 2018
'Flashing Lights' 

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Iyamah | ICMP Spotlight Artist


27th February 2018
‘Cryptic Love’

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Pining for Sunshine | ICMP Spotlight Artist

Pining for Sunshine

20th February 2018
‘So Little Time’

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MTXS | ICMP Spotlight Artist


13th February 2018

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Tiana Major9 | ICMP Spotlight Artist

Tiana Major9

6th February 2018
‘Levee (Let it Break)’ 

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Michael Amadi | ICMP Spotlight Artist

Michael Amadi

30th January 2018
'Rise Again’ 

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Shields | ICMP Spotlight Artist


23rd January 2018 
'It's Killing Me’

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Turbowolf | ICMP Spotlight Artist


16th January 2018

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