Here at ICMP we love hearing the latest releases from our student and graduate artists and do everything we can to help promote these.

Our Music Careers and Industry Liaison Team, known within ICMP as 'The Hub', actively support and nurture all of the artists that come through ICMP and are responsible for selecting our weekly 'Spotlight' track. 

We hope you enjoy this selection and encounter new artists that strike a chord with your tastes.  

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If you're an ICMP student or graduate keep in touch, let us know what you're up to and how things are going by emailing And don't forget, our careers and industry liaison team at The Hub continue to be available to you after graduation, providing advice and connections to help further your career.

ICMP Spotlight Artist | Charlotte Campbell

Charlotte Campbell

5th December 2017
'Streets of London' 

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ICMP Spotlight Artist | Zozo


28th November 2017
'I Won't Leave Your Bed Tonight' 

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ICMP Spotlight Artist | Salena Mastroianni

Salena Mastroianni

21st November 2017
'I Don't Wanna Fight'

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14th November 2017

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ICMP Spotlight Artist | The Trusted

The Trusted

7th November 2017

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Charlotte Erikson, The Glass Child

31st October 2017
'Follow The River' 

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ICMP Spotlight Artist | Kemosabe


24th October 2017
'Anything, Anything' 

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Canto Falls

9th October 2017

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Chalotte Black ICMP Spotlight Artist

Charlotte Black

4th October 2017
'All Over You 

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ICMP Spotlight Artist | Jones


26th September 2017
‘Til We Get There’ 

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ICMP Spotlight Artist | Sarah Close

Sarah Close

19th September 2017
‘Only You’ 

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ICMP Spotlight Artist | Plastic Barricades

Plastic Barricades

12th September 2017
'How Goldfish Grow'  

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5th September 2017
‘Don't Care Enough?’

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ICMP Spotlight Artist | Honey Lung

Honey Lung

29th August 2017

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22nd August 2017
'On The Run' 

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Duke of Wolves

15th August 2017
'Teddy Boy' 

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8th August 2017

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1st August 2017
'Run It'

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27th July 2017

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The Hempolics

11th July 2017
'High & Gritty'

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The Velvet Hands

18th July 2017

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Swedish Death Candy

4th July 2017
'Won't be long' 

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27th June 2017
'Picking Flowers'

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Denai Moore

20th June 2017
'Does It Get Easier?'

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6th June 2017
‘I Don't Mind' 

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30th May 2017
‘Why D’You Make Me Cry?’ 

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Matt Maltese

23rd May 2017
'No one won the war' 

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