Investing in artist development

The Dyne Road Development Fund has been set-up by ICMP to provide students and alumni with access to funding to support their projects and professional development.

Collaboration is key

Initially, the majority of music creatives start building their careers with a team of one - themselves! Of course, it’s important to build relationships with fellow creatives and collaborate to develop your work. However, most of your first steps in realising your projects and bringing them to a wider audience will be carried out on your own.

Seeking support

At ICMP support is available to all students through our Careers and Industry liaison team, known as The Hub. Staffed by industry professionals, the team is able to provide one-to-one guidance on the likes of artist development and release strategies.

Students acquire specific skills and support from their courses, but moulding that into action requires determination, drive and often, for certain things, a little bit of funding.

That is where the Dyne Road Development Fund comes in.

If an ICMP student, or alumni, can demonstrate that a specific element of their professional development requires a small amount of funding and is part of a wider, more significant plan linked to long-term career growth, they can apply for funds from the Dyne Road Development Fund.

ICMP is committed to investing in their students and alumni’s career wherever possible, be that through the ongoing support available from The Hub or via this initiative.


2017/18 Recipients

BASW Alumna
Alessandro Ciminata
Helped fund studio time with a leading producer

BACM Alumnus
Lucia Reyes Woodward
Helped fund music video as part of a two single release strategy

Mauro Lacandia
Helped fund recording sessions at Tileyard Studios

BACM Alumnus
Toby Mitchell
(The Velvet Hands)
Funded recording for band development

BASW student
Michael Amadi
Funded music video for single released in collaboration with Healing Using Music (HUM)

Detox From Grey
Helped fund recording of EP

MMUS student
Grace Kim
Helped fund engineer/producer to record track for industry portfolio

BAMB Alumna
Nina Rubesa
Helped fund promotional video for her start-up, Dauntless

Anna Carow
Helped fund producer to record a 5-track acoustic EP

BASW student
Sophie Steinchen
Helped fund music video

BMUS Alumnus
Lucas Pollo
Helped fund hiring of campaign manager for first single

How to access the fund

The fund is managed by The Hub’s industry professionals who will review and assess each application. To ensure that the fund assists as many applicants as possible, only modest sums will be available per application – so don’t start plotting a world tour just yet!

Students and Alumni can access the funding application form on the Dyne Road Development Fund page on My.ICMP. Access is via your student/alumni log-in.

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