The ICMP community never stops surprising us and, once again, they have provided the best monthly soundtrack we could ever wish for!

Here is a great selection of tracks being released this month. Follow our playlist to not miss out on any new tracks by our students and alumni.

LAURUSTA & THE DEAD DOGS • For Now I Watch Her Spaceship Disappear


Originating in the small town of Möckmühl in South Germany, Larusta wrote and performed music as a solo artist for a while before relocating to London in autumn 2019, eager to find a band to perform alongside.

While studying on ICMP’s BA (Hons) Songwriting course, Larusta came together with a like-minded group of musicians to become Larusta & The Dead Dogs; an independent alternative rock collective consisting of Larusta (vocals, guitar), George Old (guitar), Benedict Williams (drums) and Conor James (Bass) primarily with post-punk, folk and grunge influences.

Larusta & The Dead Dogs are back with 'For Now I Watch Her Spaceship Disappear", their new melancholic and emotive “Folk-Rock / Rock-Singer-Songwriter” release.

Giving us an insight into the track’s meaning Larusta said:

“I wrote the track after saying goodbye to my girlfriend who was visiting me in London during a long-distance relationship. The song, produced by Patryk Marcyniuk and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Andy Walter, captures this pure moment of sadness and longing.”


VIXEN X • Die for You


Vixen X is fronted by half-Russian, half-Moldovan singer Tatiana Marcov, who has always had a love for music, learning piano and guitar as a child. Following her passion, she moved to the UK three years ago to study music on ICMP’s BA (Hons) Songwriting. Originally self-conscious of her voice, the now frontwoman initially dreamt of songwriting for others, but having found her confidence and voice, she’s ready to kick ass.

Forming in 2019, Vixen X have already tackled the challenges of recording during a pandemic and now they’re ready to take on the world. Their debut single ‘Die For You’ has strong guitar riffs and a strong message that aims to empower women. Written just three weeks prior to recording, the instantly infectious track was produced by Justin Paul Hill, a former member of British metal band Sikth, who will also be working on the band’s debut EP.

Talking about ‘Die For You’ Tatiana explains:

“This empowering feminist rock track explores the daily struggles of women and is inspired by family members’ experiences of domestic violence. Die For You aims to empower any woman that has suffered at the hands of a man.”


HARRY CASH • North Hill


Harry Cash is a 22-year-old songwriter, producer, and music tutor. Harry started busking when he was 8 in Portugal and since then has played venues from Essex to Times Square following his graduation from ICMP’s BA (Hons) Creative Musicianship course. Harry gained over 10 years of experience performing at various venues, functions, private parties, and weddings whilst also covering many different styles of music. He has experience playing in bands and as a solo artist performing popular music from artists such as Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, and Bruno Mars.

Discussing his recent release 'North Hill', Harry said:

“Over lockdown, I looked to explore music that captures people in with minimal instrumentation and focus on unique mic techniques and quant ideas when producing. This is when I envisioned ‘The demo ep’ and first to be completed was this elegant but edgy track ‘North Hill’ resurfaced from when I was 16.”


JAZ BEESON • Coffee Machine Sounds


BA (Hons) Songwriting student Jaz Beeson makes music for golden-hour road trips and is enthusiastically self-categorised as ‘Sunflower Pop’. With dream-haze harmonies floating on top of punchy acoustic production, her music is made for coming-of-agers and cottagecore daydreamers. From Lincolnshire, Jaz finds herself most at peace among the marshlands and wide-open skies. Her feathery vocals and conversational lyrics draw a comparison to Phoebe Bridgers, Maisie Peters and Lauren Aquilina.

‘Coffee Machine Sounds’ is the fourth installation of Jaz’s debut era and squeezes every last drop of pop sensibility into a guitar-driven, fidgety, forward-looking tune. This track is for all the curtain-twitch ditchers, the designated drivers, and the dreamers. Have you stirred your tea at the office, looked out of the window, and wanted to run? If so this is the track for you.


SOPHIE KILBURN • I'm In Love With My Therapist


Sophie Kilburn (student of ICMP’s Introduction to Music Production Part-Time Course) is a Derbyshire-born singer, songwriter who merges melancholic pop with fiery indie-angst. Her bold sonic fusion of old-school rocker & modern pop warrior is inspired by Alt-Pop heroes like Haim, Phoebe Bridgers & Maggie Rogers, with a heavy emphasis on lyrics & storytelling.

From releasing “alt-indie banger” (Fame Magazine) ‘Indigo Fever’ and “driving pop-anthem” (Complex UK) ‘Broke’, Sophie has received global praise and recognition as an “undeniable songwriting talent” (XS Noize), as well as, backing from BBC Introducing and Mahogany.

Sophie returned with the fiery indie-pop single "Movements", which was the first instalment off her debut EP My Room Made Public. Now she digs emotionally deep with her second single off the project, “I’m in love with my therapist”, continuing to question how much of our lives should we share?

‘I’m in love with my therapist’ is the second instalment off Sophie’s EP My Room Made Public, digging deep and asking how much of our lives should we share with the world?

The track is a 90s inspired indie-pop belter, with an addictive hook and unapologetic lyrics that pierce through the heartstrings to say the unspoken. A song that unpicks how the need to be loved can quickly turn into an obsession that is projected onto a stranger.

The music video was shot with an all-female team led by DOP and Creative Director Marieke Macklon (Pixey, The Howlers), taking influence from the Truman Show and the reality TV world, exploring the obsessive nature of anxiety and depression and the longing to escape through self-made personas and relationships.

Sophie explains:

“I wanted the video to encapsulate the oversharing aspect of the EP project, to be personal and emotionally explosive. It is also a visual introduction to me as an artist, inviting people into my world. It battles with what is in my mind and what is reality, laying it on the table for everyone to watch to the point of being uncomfortable.”


THIAGO JORGE • Saying Yeah


Thiago ‘Trosso’ is a Songwriter, performer and producer born in Brazil, based in London. Since 2003 Thiago has been part of the Ska/Punk/Reggae scene, sharing stages with many of his idols, and playing as a session musician in his home country, he moved to the UK in 2015 to expand his musical and personal boundaries.

With the goal of building a career as a songwriter and solo artist, Trosso joined and finished his MA Songwriting degree improving his overall skills and opening the path for co-writing with numerous artists around the world touring in 13 countries covering 4 different continents.

His recent release ‘Saying Yeah’ saw Thiago partnering up with LA-based Music Library 10 West, in an exciting innovative project to showcase artist’s bodies of work within the library world. Combining his love for alternative and pop music with his multi-instrumentalist and producing skills, Trosso crafts unique sounding melodies and arrangements. Also, having a background in mixing and mastering, the songs came to life at his home studio, with collaborations from talented writing partners like Jeremy Webster, David Boyden and Melisa Mia. Throughout the album influences like The Clash, Tame Impala, Bob Dylan and Justin Timberlake can be spotted.


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