ICMP's Julian Marshall is releasing a new EP, 'One Bright Pearl', co-written with Masters in Songwriting alumna, Addi P. 

The release will come out on the Blue Cloud Music label, an imprint of Orchid Classics, and will feature four tracks including two instrumentals. 

Commenting on the EP, Julian said: "The Steve Gadd instrumental remix of 'Garden in Summer' inspired me to create more tracks in a similar kind of 'filmic groove' style - cousins, if you like, to the 'Garden in Summer' EP I worked on in 2023."

The result is an EP entitled 'One Bright Pearl' with two songs co-written and performed with the remarkable and amazingly talented up and coming star songwriter/singer/rapper, Addi P."


According to Julian, the title 'One Bright Pearl' is taken from a zen teaching phrase where a frustrated monk declares 'all life is One Bright Pearl'. 

Julian said: "This also relates to Jung and the idea of shadow: that we cast-out 'unwanted' experience at our peril. However, 'One Bright Pearl' is no zen or Jungian teaching EP! There's a playfulness evident here… where the above ideas may simply infuse the songs and instrumentals with a variety of thematic flavours. After all, we live our lives in a kind of tension of opposites."

Addi P is a singer-songwriter, producer and creative facilitator who’s music is regularly played by BBC Music Introducing London.

The EP will be released on 19th July. You can pre-order now. 

Watch the video to 'Faces (Free From You)' from the forthcoming EP now: 

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