Digital Marketing Careers in 2022

With the boom in digital marketing seeing no sign of stopping, we explore the most exciting opportunities currently available… 



Digital marketing is one of the most exciting and innovative sectors to work within.

If you want to take advantage of the latest technology and trends within the music industry, then this could be the world for you.  

Digital marketing jobs were some of the fastest growing in the UK last year, according to data from LinkedIn, which shows a 52 percent rise in demand for such roles. 

Further figures from LinkedIn revealed that the “Digital Marketing Specialist” post is among the top 10 most in-demand jobs on the platform.

Here, we’ll explore the most popular opportunities for you to pursue. They include 

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital campaigns are led by digital marketing managers who are integral in overseeing and implementing them. 

These professionals sit at the heart of the team and liaise with/manage other digital marketing specialists such as content producers, SEO specialists, social media experts and many more. 

On projects or campaigns, it will be the responsibility of the digital marketing manager to ensure the team is resourced effectively. They will create a project timeline, set milestones and manage budgets among any other collaborative aspects. 

SEO Specialist


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the dark art of ensuring your website or content comes as close to the top of a Google search as possible.

Why is this important? Well the higher a business ranks, the greater their chance of maximizing the amount of traffic their website receives. 

Experts in this field know how to do research around any search terms or keywords businesses want to rank for on Google. They stay in tune with the latest updates around search engine algorithms and work on tailoring content to ensure it can perform highly when potential customers input specific searches into Google. 

Social Media Marketeer

Living in the digital age means it’s impossible to ignore social media channels and how they shape our lives. From YouTube and Twitter to Instagram and Facebook, these platforms not only allow us as consumers to share posts about our experiences but enable companies and organisations to engage with and grow their audiences. 

As a social media marketeer, you’ll use these channels to communicate with customers, then deploy analytics to understand more about their behaviours."

One of the key responsibilities is to create engaging social content and campaigns to increase the size of an audience and brand awareness. 

Content Strategist 


Content is at the heart of the online ecosystem and an invaluable asset for companies looking to market their services. 

The role of the content strategist is therefore an important one and involves creating and curating content aligned to the objectives of an organisation. By using tools either via social media or Google analytics for a website, this will help inform a content calendar often created by these post holders. 

They will then use this to create an effective stream of content to help expand the audience of a business or organisation. Content strategists often have a varied skill set including photo editing, copywriting and effective knowledge of SEO. 

Email Marketing Specialist 

Email campaigns can be important in either regularly updating subscribers on a company or professional’s activities or looking to market or sell different services or solutions. 

Professionals working in this part of the marketing team will create and maintain databases with relevant customer details and information. They will then usually be responsible for designing the look and feel of a newsletter to ensure it is aligned with a brand. The majority of email marketing professionals will need to have great writing and editing skills alongside some graphic design abilities too.

User Experience Designer

User experience designers are responsible for the customer experience on a website, on an app or other digital channel. 

With skills and insight in technology and psychology, user experience designers are there to ensure that a solution or service meets the needs of the customer - the ultimate aim is to ensure they follow through with a purchase or take action on a website."  

Whether you’re designing a brand new product, coming up with a new feature, or making changes to an existing product or service - the UX designer must consider the whole of the user journey from their perspective. The end goal is to improve sales, customer retention rates, and lead generation.

Website Manager/Developer 


Website managers or developers are IT experts who oversee and manage a website. Rather than looking after the content, this role sees them in charge of the nuts and bolts of a website's infrastructure. They will usually be expected to be proficient in coding and capable of reviewing functionality alongside the look and feel of a site.

If there are any glitches with how the site works or in terms of the host domain, then it will be the responsibility of the website manager to come up with a solution.

They may work with a team of junior developers or on their own - this is dependent on the size of a company or organisation.

PPC Search Manager

Pay-per-click (PPC) is the acronym used to refer to paid online advertising. This usually takes place via Google AdWords and is deployed by organisations for specific campaigns or to sell certain products. Increasingly, organic traffic is more challenging to rely on as a way of growing an audience. Which is where PPC comes in. 

Advertisers pay a fee each time one of their adverts is clicked.

PPC specialists use their expertise to advise on how to get the most from these campaigns by reviewing any existing materials, then coming up with recommendations to improve and optimise them." 

Ecommerce Manager

An ecommerce manager will be in charge of every aspect of a company's digital sales strategy.

They will be responsible for ensuring a brand's image is consistent and work on the ongoing improvement of online activity in terms of look and feel. These roles are all about sales so they will be tasked with ensuring the customer journey - from initial interactions with a brand to the completion of a purchase - is a smooth one. 

Online Community Manager 

Community building is a key component in a digital marketing strategy which is where the online community manager comes in. Part of their role is to encourage positive support for a brand or a company using online channels. This could be via a dedicated forum, Facebook group or a mixture of different channels. The ultimate aim is to develop a community around a brand and ensure it is engaged and loyal by ongoing interactions.

This professional must be skilled at developing engaged online relationships and familiar with the best tools to do this.

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January 12, 2022
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